Amazon Smart Plug vs. Realme Smart Plug: Which smart plug wins the battle?

In the battle of smart plugs, let's see which one comes out on top, Amazon Smart Plug or Realme Smart Plug

Technology in 2020 is all about convenience and making life simpler, whether it is Amazon smart plugs, Google smart speakers, smartphones, or other gadgets. One of the best ways to do that would be to use new technologies for automating the mundane tasks in your home. This is what smart plugs aim to do.

Adding “smart” as a prefix to any electronic device seems to be a common trend today. These days, it is normal to find fans, air conditioners, light bulbs, and more with smart connectivity. In fact, most of the gadgets today come with the ability to be controlled using voice commands. One great example of that would be a smart plug. Using the smart plug, you can extend these capabilities to non-smart devices as well.

What does a smart plug do?

Once you’ve set up the smart plug, connect it to your house’s Wi-Fi, and control everyone from your phone. Most smart plugs can be linked to voice assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa, and be controlled through voice commands or specific apps.

Amazon Smart Plug

The biggest advantage of using a smart plug is that you don’t have to get up every time you need to switch on/off an appliance. All you have to do is give a voice command or control it using your phone. It will even allow you to power on/off non-smart appliances if you are away from home.

Two of the best smart plugs in the market today include Amazon smart plug and Realme smart plug. So which one of the two is the superior choice?

Amazon Smart Plug: The good and the bad

The first smart plug in contention is the Amazon Smart Plug. This smart plug is large and well built. It comes with standard pins for the Indian plug system and has its own socket. There is a small button towards the side to allow you to control the device manually. Moreover, an indicator light tells you the plug’s power status. This smart plug is capable of supporting a maximum load of 6A, meaning it will work well for small appliances but cannot support large appliances like air conditioners and geysers.

Amazon Smart Plug

It is very easy to set up the Amazon Smart Plug. In fact, you can complete the setup process within three minutes and once it is done, you’ll be able to add any routines and control it via the Alexa app. The plug can retain its power state even if the main switch is accidentally turned off or if there is a power cut. An even better way of controlling the smart plug would be through hands-free voice commands given to Alexa through your smartphone.

Available at just ₹1,999, this smart plug will definitely make your life more convenient.

Pros –

  • Easy to set up
  • Compatible with most small appliances
  • Works well with Alexa-enabled devices
  • Retains power even during a power cut or accidental switch off

Cons –

  • Doesn’t support large appliances
  • Doesn’t work with Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit

Realme Smart Plug: The good and the bad

The Realme Smart Plug is considerably smaller in terms of thickness and size. It comes with a standard three-pin socket towards the front with a matching plug at the back. It features a manual control button and an indicator light. Similar to the Amazon Smart Plug, this one also comes with support for a maximum load of 6A, which means it shouldn’t be used with any heavy appliances.

You can set it up within two minutes and using the Realme Link app. Once it is set up, a switch on the home screen will allow you to turn the plug on/off, set timers, and schedule operations. Unlike the Amazon Smart Plug, this one cannot retain its power state once the power cuts.

Amazon Smart Plug

The Realme Smart Plug can work well with both Alexa and Google Assistant through the Realme Link App needs to be associated with Alexa Apps and Google Home for it to work. Moreover, you can either use one of them or have both of them active.

Available at a super-low price of ₹799, the Realme Smart Plug is definitely a great choice if you’re thinking of buying a new smart plug.

Pros –

  • Easy to set up
  • Relatively cheap
  • Sturdy and solid build
  • Compatible with both Google Home Assistant and Alexa

Cons –

  • Cannot be used with heavy appliances
  • Doesn’t retain power once the power cuts

Amazon Smart Plug vs. Realme Smart Plug: The Final Verdict

Both of the smart plug options are exceptional and will definitely make your life more convenient. However, the Realme Smart Plug has to be the winner because of its more affordable price and the fact that it supports both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Though the Amazon Smart Plug is an amazing smart plug too and unique in its own way. It comes with the power state retention feature, something that isn’t offered by the Realme Smart Plug.


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