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WhatsApp rolls out Disappearing Messages, Storage Management feature

WhatsApp has introduced two new features for a more efficient user experience.

WhatsApp has slowly revived excitement in its users by rolling out new updates to contribute to its efficiency. The messenger app has a user base of 2 billion people, and once in a while, the Facebook-owned company brings out new and exciting features for people to dabble in.

Earlier reports had stated that the company is rolling out updates to enable group voice and video call on WhatsApp Web. Few other speculation suggested the Facebook-owned company is going introduce a shopping feature. Since then, after much leaks and updates, the company has finally launched a new set of updated features for the enjoyment of its users.

Now Send Disappearing Messages On WhatsApp

In a blog posted on WhatsApp’s official website, the company announced an official launch to the rumoured ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature. Even with billions of people sending hundreds of messages every day, some might not want them to stick around forever. Hence, this new feature will take care of redundant texts that could be cleared up from the chat at your convenience.

The feature was spotted in a beta version of WhatsApp last month.  The ephemeral messaging feature has been around since the inception of Snapchat. Many other messenger apps, including Telegram, have adapted their own way of incorporating such elements into their product. Instagram has also enabled people to send photos and videos over the chat, which can disappear after one or two views. WhatsApp is hopping on the similar bandwagon as well to tweak their customer experiences.

The ‘Disappearing Messages’ option will remove the permanency of your text messages on WhatsApp. When the feature is turned on, the new messages sent on that particular chat will disappear after seven days. This will be available on personal chats for individual control. As for the group chats, the admin can turn it on or off according to the need.

“Our goal is to make conversations on WhatsApp feel as close to in-person as possible, which means they shouldn’t have to stick around forever,” the blog read.

The 7-day window was provided by the company to establish a sense of peace among the users that the messages they send are archived for some time to make them not forget what they were chatting about. However, any information that one might not need will be deleted in a week. The rollout for this feature will be done by November end.

It will be available for use on Android, iPhone, KaiOS, Web and Desktop devices. WhatsApp has also listed its instructions and FAQ website on how to enable and disable disappearing messages. Most of it requires the user to click on the chat where they want to enable the tool. An option would be available named ‘Disappearing Messages’ on the screen. One can tap on it and enable or disable the feature.

Whatsapp Disappearing Messages
Photo source: WhatsApp

The new Storage Management by WhatsApp

A few days ago, the Facebook-owned company also announced a new tool for Storage Management of WhatsApp messages. The tool will help you remove all kinds of junk images, videos, stickers, GIFs that are filling up your phone storage.

The WhatsApp Messenger already has a “Storage Usage” tool which lists all the media files, stickers or a database that are taking up space on your phone. With few taps, one could delete unnecessary files quickly. However, the previous tool did not allow people to browse through the content that they might be deleting.

The new tool is like one of the phone storage monitoring apps, which will display thumbnails of the things one might be thinking of deleting. Moreover, the tool groups these thumbnails into categories, including “Larger than 5 MB” and “Forwarded many times” to make people identify what kind of content they are viewing. This is efficient when one is thinking of deleting the unnecessary forwarded videos or images one receives from people.

WhatsApp announced that the new feature would be rolling out in a week. The company further informed that the new tool would be available within the Settings menu at the ‘Manage storage’ option in Storage and Data.

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