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Apple’s ‘One More Thing’ Event: Silicon-Powered Macs Inbound?

Apple is expected to launch a new MacBook at it's November 10 event.

Apple announced that it’ll be hosting the “One More Thing” event on November 10. Since Apple has already launched the latest edition of the iPad, the Apple Watch, and the Apple iPhone, we can likely see them announcing the company’s first Arm-based Macs that’ll run on Apple Silicon chips-opposed to the Intel processors that Apple has been using since 2005. “One More Thing” is like a trademark associated with Apple events where they use the phrase before making a major announcement.

What to look forward to at the upcoming “One More Thing” event?

Most Apple fanatics are expecting Apple to announce new Macs on November 10th, with the popular tipster Jon Prosser leaking last month that there will be an ARM Mac event in November.

Earlier in 2020, Apple said that it is looking to replace the Intel chips that it has been using for years with chips based on Advanced RISC Machine (ARM). The Mac devices will be transitioning into Apple-designed chips based on a design licensed from ARM. These will be similar to processors found inside the latest iPhones and iPads as Apple promises faster performance and better battery life.  Apple could launch the next-gen 12-inch ARM-based MacBook Pro or MacBook Air during the upcoming event.

Apple could be launching a Silicon-based iMac with an entirely new design language. With the Mac sales worldwide soaring during the pandemic, Apple will not want to miss out on any opportunity by not launching its first Apple Silicon Macs. These new machines are said to include the new 13-inch MacBook Air alongside the 13- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models that all three are speculated to come with the new SoC.

Other Apple products that could be officially released


It wouldn’t be surprising if November 10th marked the debut of the long-rumored AirTags, the Tile-like tracking devices.

You can stick this tracking device on your purse, keys, handbags, and keep track of lost products. AirTags will be using Apple’s Ultra Wideband Chip that is found inside the latest iPhone 12 and HomePod Mini. The Apple AirTags will come in two sizes – one would focus on bigger objects like backpack and luggage while the other would focus on smaller objects like purses and keys.

AirPods Studio

With Sonos and Bose speakers/headphones not available over Apple’s online and offline stores anymore, it is evident that Apple will launch its high-end over-the-year AirPods Studio soon. In fact, the AirPods Studio was expected to launch with Apple’s iPhone 12 Series and HomePod Mini at the October event until the production hit a snag.

The AirPods Studio will likely feature active noise cancellation technology and will be better than the AirPods in every possible way. Speculation is that these headphones will come in different variations, including ones with premium leather-like finish and fitness-oriented models. These over-the-ear headphones could have magnetic ear cups that you can swap out for with different colors and materials and a swappable headband.

We, of course, need to wait until next week to see what Apple has this time — at its fourth big event of the year. The event, just like the previous ones, will take place virtually from the Apple Park, Cupertino. The event will take place on November 10th at 11:30 AM IST and 10 AM PST and can be streamed on Apple’s official YouTube channel.

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