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Upgrade RAM or switch to SSD: What’s better for your PC?

Experts believe the decision depends on the specifications of the system and the purpose the PC is used for.

The two most obvious ways to better the performance of your PC are upgrading your RAM or switching to SSD drive.

RAM or Random Access Memory is the main memory storage of your system. It is either put in the main logic board of the device or installed in memory modules in the form of integrated circuits. SSD, which stands for solid state drive, is a newer generation storage device that is much faster than hard drives and use a type of memory circuitry called non-volatile RAM (NVRAM).

When asked about what is better to upgrade the system or better its performance, experts said the decision typically depends on the specifications of the system and the purpose the PC is used for.

“If you wish to have a system which boots quickly and allows you to open and run applications faster, then SSD is an obvious choice. However, if you wish to use more applications at the same time, i.e. multitasking, more RAM is a requirement,” Sai Krishan Kumar, a tech analyst and IT sales representative, told The Electronics.

He added that the decision is never so straightforward as PC upgrades are based on the type of usage.

Prachi Shrivastava, a software engineer from Bangalore said technicians usually recommend SSD as the first option as it is the easier to switch to and choosing suitable RAM depends on factors like its type, speed and compatibility with the PC. “A computer facing issues with running just a few applications would require a switch to an SSD drive. However, if you need to run multiple applications effortlessly it needs a higher RAM requirement,” Shrivastava told The Electronics.

She explained that while SSD drive helps in loading files or booting a computer faster, a higher RAM makes your computer run extensive applications, like heavy-duty games, seamlessly.

About the ideal specification for a good performing PC, Kumar said, “Typically, we tell people to always have an SSD as your main storage drive, and also have 8 GB of RAM as a bare minimum. Here, price and current PC specifications are factors too.”

Anushka Shrivastava
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