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Turn into Vincent Van Gogh or Frieda Kahlo with Google’s new art filter

The recent update to Google Arts & Culture app gives users a chance to learn about culture in a new way

Google’s latest update to its Google Arts & Culture app will turn you into a priceless piece of art. This update, which is a set of augmented reality (AR) art filters, is not just limited to your face. It gives you options to try on historic attires like Helmet with Tengu Mask and Crows, the helmet of legendary mythological creature Tengu.

The app, through which people can view high-resolution images of artworks and cultural artefacts from organisations and museums throughout the world, offers five artworks to use in this filter. These are self-portraits of Vincent Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo, the famous Girl with a Pearl Earring. Helmet with Tengu Mask and Crows and Faience collar necklace.

Museums that have partnered with Google have also introduced virtual tours, which is useful ata time when travel is not an option. The app also informs the users about the artwork’s history before letting them try out the filter.

The filters use a machine learning-based image processing algorithm that works like Snapchat’s AR filters for effects that turn you into some of the most recognisable artworks in history.

“Thanks to our partners who make their amazing collections available online, we were able to create five educational and fun 3D-modelled augmented reality filters based on iconic
paintings, objects, and accessories from all over the world,” read Google’s blogpost.

People can access this feature by downloading the Google Arts & Culture app and clicking on the rainbow camera option located at the bottom of the homepage.


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