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Is RPM a deciding factor in buying a washing machine?

Retailers feel the count of rotations per minute plays an important role while bringing a washing machine home

Several factors need to be considered while buying or upgrading your washing machine. One of the deciding factors is rotations per minute or RPM of your machine’s motor speed. The spin speed of a washing machine is measured in RPM and it’s a requirement for the last stage of a washing cycle — the spin cycle.

“The higher the RPM, the faster your clothes will wash and dry,” said Sumit Sidara, head manager at Sumit Sales, a retail store in Bilaspur.

“High RPM washing machines can remove excess water from the washed clothes. That’s why they are more efficient and preferred among customers,” Sidara told The Electronics.

However, these washing machine models tend to be more expensive too. “Most of the washing machines come with different modes so you can set your spin speed according to the fabric and climate,” said Arun Yadav, sales representative at an electronics retail store.

On being asked what is the ideal RPM for a good washing machine, Yadav answered, “It would be around 1400 RPM. Semi-automatic washing machines, which have separate washing and drying tubs, have about 1200-1400 RPM. Automatic washing machines can go up to 2,000 RPM.”

There are other factors to consider too when buying a washing machine, said retailers. One other such feature is the speed motor’s voltage, which contributes to the RPM and affects the machine’s wash and spin performance.

Anushka Shrivastava
Media student | Writer | Avid Reader


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