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Realme launches new SLED TV: How is it different from QLED?

Realme debuted the “world’s first SLED 4K Smart TV” and claims that it’s healthier for your eyes

Realme just shifted the eyes of tech enthusiasts to its newly launched second TV — Realme 55-inch SLED 4K TV. SLED stands for superluminescent diode. The company has been marketing the new device against its competitive brands’ QLED technology, which makes for cheaper televisions. So let’s find out what’s the hype for after all.

QLED vs SLED Display: What’s the difference?

QLED, which stands for Quantum dot Light-emitting diode, uses blue backlight which gets converted into a white light for a much bolder display. Realme claims that SLED technology has done away with the harmful blue light that emits from QLEDs. It has a new technology which uses RGB colours that form into the white backlight providing higher colour purity and eye protection than QLED.

Realme SLED Smart TV has an unprecedented ultra-wide colour gamut, up to 108% NTSC, which claims to deliver better vivid and cinematic visuals. The Smart TV with SLED Display technology has passed the TUV Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification, making it the only television apart from the OLED TVs to have passed this certification, claimed Realme.

SLED Display
Picture credits: Realme

Realme SLED TVs vs Samsung QLED TVs

Tech experts don’t support Realme’s claim that SLED is a superior technology than what its competitors have.

Youtube and tech enthusiast Utsav Techie told The Electronics that Samsung has been a global leader in terms of volume with high R&D spending in TVs. “If we talk about the picture quality, then Samsung wins hands down. The only downside is that its products are more expensive,” he said.

The price of Samsung’s latest 55-inch 4K QLED TVs start from ₹80,000, while RealMe Smart SLED TV is priced at ₹42,999 and the TV’s introductory price is ₹39,999.

While Realme is banking upon its eye protection technology, the Youtuber highlighted that the TV lacks some premium features like Dolby Vision and Atmos that can be found in the competing brands’ TVs.

Will it play well in the market?

“In terms of sale, we may see a mediocre performance. People perceive Realme as a budget brand in India and there might be very few people who will spend more than ₹40,000 on the Realme TV,” he said.

Realme may be the first to bring the SLED technology to the global market, but it is the only feature they used to sell their product. The TV will be available in the market for sale from October 16.



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