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How to post photos on Instagram from your PC/Mac

Here are some simple steps to help people use the desktop version of the social networking website to post photos

Much to the dismay of PC/Mac users, Instagram has always been focused on being a smartphone application and so given limited access to the desktop website. But after Facebook enabled its PC users to send and receive direct messages on Instagram, the latter may have more users on its website. 

While the social networking site doesn’t let people post photos through the desktop yet, we have some quick tips to help you do that. 

All you have to do is change the user agent of your browser that tells the website the kind of device you are using. Just follow these simple steps.

For Google Chrome, Edge or Mozilla Firefox users

  1. Open the website Instagram.com, right-click anywhere on the page and select the option ‘Inspect Element’. Alternatively, you can click Ctrl+Shift+I to open the same window. 
  2. A window will appear on the right side of your page. On the menu bar of the Inspector tool, click on the mobile icon situated at the left side of the window. You can also press Ctrl+Shift+M if you are unable to locate it.
  3. This option will change the ratio of your current webpage to suit that of a smartphone. Click on the dropdown option named ‘Responsive’, and you will be able to view the window according to the handset you select. Refresh your page if the (+) icon used for uploading the photos doesn’t show up. 
  4. Now you can upload any image you want and later change the settings back by clicking on the mobile icon again.

For Mac users on the Safari browser:

  1. Click on the Safari option on the menu bar. Go to the Preferences menu and then select the Advanced tab. 
  2. A check box named Show Develop menu in the menu bar appears: Check it. 
  3. Open the Instagram website and click on the Develop menu in your menu bar. Open the User Agent option. Now you can select your mobile handset.
  4. Once you refresh the page, the website will turn into the selected mobile interface. You can now upload the photos and change the settings back to Default mode once you are done.

There are few other methods of uploading your photos on Instagram from your computer. You can use scheduling tools or using third-party applications like BlueStacks or Deskgram. However, this is the easiest method to post your photos from PC/Mac conveniently.


Anushka Shrivastava
Media student | Writer | Avid Reader


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