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NAS or cloud storage: The better option?

The Electronics spoke to experts and users to find out if people should opt for NAS at home or sign up for cloud storage for data storage

Technology-enabled solutions increased data and that led to the need for efficient storage options. But now people are spoilt for choice there too. Should they choose Network Attached Storage (NAS) or cloud storage?

Before delving deeper, let’s first understand what they mean.

What are NAS and cloud storage systems?

A NAS device is connected to a network for storage and retrieval of data from a central location for the authorized network’s users and clients. These storage devices are flexible and scale out which means you can add to what you already have if you need additional storage. It is like possessing a private cloud in your office. It is faster, cheaper, and gives you complete control.

NAS or cloud storage: The better option?
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Cloud storage is the cloud-computing model that stores data online through a cloud computing provider. It is delivered on-demand with just-in-time capacity and cost while eliminating buying and managing your own data storage infrastructure. This offers agility, durability, and global scale with any time, anywhere data access.

Cloud storage can be purchased from third-party cloud vendors who own and operate data storage capacity and deliver it over the internet via a pay-as-you-go model. Applications access cloud storage either directly or through traditional storage protocols. Cloud storage vendors also offer complementary services that are designed to collect, secure, manage, and analyze debt at a massive scale.

Which is better?

NAS devices offer a long-term storage solution as initially they might cost more but provide long-term accessibility. Cloud storage services are easy on the budget, offer strong data protection, greater reliability, and lower overall storage costs.

“Cloud is preferred because it has high security and more benefits. Many businesses including my company uses cloud. It has basically invented to serve business purposes,” said Aanchal Duhan who works as an associate analyst at Global Logic, a digital product engineering company.

Cloud storage is far more secure than your own hard drive. The cloud servers are housed in warehouses and the data is encrypted, making hacking a laborious task for criminals. Another benefit of it is the fact that storing data on cloud servers is cost-effective and easy to access.

NAS or cloud storage: The better option?
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“Cloud storage will be better as you don’t have to manage it yourself. Anyone without technical knowledge can begin with cloud storage. Cloud storage isn’t that expensive,” said Dibyajyoti Kabi, a tech reviewer.

In terms of cost, NAS systems are priced depending on the amount of storage needed. For businesses, NAS systems usually cost between $500-$1000, and more needs to be paid if additional hard drives are required.

Cloud providers, on the other hand, offer limited free storage like OneDrive offers 5GB of storage space for free and for more storage, it provides different plans with different prices.

“With competition so high, there are tonnes of options out there. If you create your own server, it’ll cost much more. You’ll need to look after the security, computing, cooling, and all. This will cost more. In cloud storage, it will come along with the pack and a dedicated team to take care of your server,” added Kabi.

Streaming data, video, machine learning, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, and more are likely to drive private data stores well into the Exabyte range over the next decade. The fundamental issue here with using AI is that for increasing the “intelligence” aspect of AI, exponentially greater amounts of data and storage will be needed.

“We need more data. Sometimes storage isn’t sufficient. To do that, we are looking to upgrade from a private server to a Cloud storage server,” said Darshan Karunagaran, a junior software engineer at Molecular Connections Pvt. Ltd, an informatics company.

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