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If you smoke near your Macbook you will void warranty

Not many know but cigarette residue within the device will render the warranty void

Smoking is not just bad for you, but for your Macbook too. Smoking near your Macbook immediately voids warranty and many Indians seem to be unaware of this clause.

“This is the first time I’ve heard about this. My Mac’s warranty expired a while ago and I just don’t go to Apple stores. There are excellent third-party stores one can visit instead,” said Aanontyo Kakoli, a 22-year-old Engineer from Bangalore.

A clause in the AppleCare Warranty states that the warranty does not cover “damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, fire, liquid contact, earthquake or other external causes”. While no clause in the warranty explicitly mentions smoking, consumers believe that the “external factors” is where it could fall.

According to Apple, nicotine is registered as a toxic substance under Occupational Safety and Health Hazard’s (OSHA) list of bio-hazardous items. The residue from smoking can settle in the device, often causing it to overheat. Apple does not want its employees to come in contact with toxic substances, therefore they are instructed to not repair PCs which have come in contact with smokers.

In 2008, an apple store in Iowa, America, refused to repair a Macbook brought in for overheating. This was despite the warranty it came with. The reason given was “health risks from second hand smoke”. Since then, multiple users on platforms like Quora have spoken about how smoking has nullified their Apple warranty.

Multiple users like Kakoli were surprised to know of the clause. Many even claimed that they have been smoking near their Macbook and have gotten them repaired despite that.“I have never heard about smoking voiding the warranty. We just follow the warranty book for the Mac,” says Prasad S, an Apple assistant at a retail store in Bangalore.

The coverage and awareness about this matter remains scarce. The only reference points consumers have are online discussion forums and a limited number of articles online.



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