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How to transfer files from iPhone to Android

Here are some easy ways to transfer contacts, images, videos and other data from iOS to Android devices.

Getting a new phone is exciting, but transferring data is an equally cumbersome affair. It gets worse if you want to switch from an iPhone to Android. But there are some easy ways of doing it successfully.

Here’s how you can migrate data from iOS to Android

  1. Google Drive

This is one of the most convenient ways of not only transferring files but also to store your files. It is synced with your Google account and has a storage capacity of 15GB. If needed, you can also buy additional storage space.    

To transfer a file via Google Drive, all you have to do is save all the important data that you want to transfer from your iPhone. It allows you to make different folders and save your files.

Second, link your Gmail account with your Android phone and log in the drive. Now you can download the necessary files from the drive on your Android phone.

  1. Drag and drop

You would need a PC for this method. This is a simple, but a time-consuming method. Connect your iPhone and your Android phone with their respective USB cables to your PC. Go to iPhone’s files and folders that you want to transfer. Then, drag and drop them in your Android Phone’s folder. Sharing large files can take time. What helps is first dragging the file to your PC and then copying from there to your Android phone.

  1. iCloud

This method is a little complicated one. It’ll first require you to enable iCloud on your iPhone. Second, go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘Mails, Contacts, and Calendars’.  Then click on the account where iCloud is listed. You will be directed to another box, where you will have lists of items like contact, images, etc. Toggle on the items you want to merge with iCloud.

Now open iCloud.com using a web browser on your PC and login with your Apple ID. Select the item that you want to transfer and then select ‘Export vCard’. Then open your Gmail and select ‘Mail’ after which click on the items that you want to transfer and then ‘Choose File’. Hit saved vCard which will import all the selected files.

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox helps in sharing files across many devices. It is a cloud storage service that allows you to share any kind of files. Install Dropbox on both the phones and then go to ‘Settings’. Then, toggle on the items you want to sync. Now open the Dropbox and select the plus sign that will allow you to directly import the files you want. Now open the Dropbox on your Android phone and log in with the same ID and you can see the imported files listed. Select them to download them on your Android phone.

  1. Third-party apps

This option occupies space on your phone as it will require you to download third-party applications. However, this is the last option you should go for. You can download apps like ShareIT, File Exchanger, etc. to directly transfer files from one device to another.

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