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How to make printer ink last longer

Here are some practices to help you use your printer’s ink better so you don’t have to buy new cartridges often.

Changing and re-filling your printer’s cartridges can become a hassle and also prove to be expensive. Let’s find out how you can save yourself from this.

Here’s a list of practices to help you make your printer’s ink last long:

Use of high-quality cartridges

This is a two-way beneficial solution. First, a high-quality cartridge gets you better prints than the rest of the cartridges, which allows it to make churn out more printouts.

It also helps the environment. You can recycle the empty cartridge and re-fill them after quite a long time. This high-quality cartridge can be recycled with special handling by the company.

Change printing setting

Printing is a very expensive process and so it is advised to use printers wisely. One of the apt steps for every user is to change its settings so that it conserves the amount of ink while not compromising with quality and the density of the ink.

You can change the settings to Economy or Draft mode. You can also reduce the margins of the page so that more lines can be added in one single document. Try to always opt for black and white print as it helps conserve ink and toner supply. Use coloured ink only when it is necessary.

Avoid fancy fonts and font size

Fancy fonts use a lot of ink than the normal fonts like Calibri or Times New Roman. Prefer font size up to 12, except in headings or titles when you have to use font size 14. By doing so, it reduces space as well so you can fit in more words in a single document and save papers too.

Cross-check before printing

While typing, we often tend to come across typos or set pages differently, or even at times print a wrong document. To avoid this, you must always check before hitting print. Proof-read your document and check if there’s any mistake of typos.

One must also opt for print preview settings to see when and how it will look after printing before you give the command. Check the image quality, in print preview before printing it.

Ignore low ink alert

You will often see a low ink alert on your screen when you connect the printer to your PC. It’s not really because the ink amount is actually low. You can still print approximately a hundred pages right even after when the alert starts to pop-up. It may contain 8%-45% of the ink still.

Maintain your printer

Any device needs proper maintenance for its better functioning. So it is mandatory to get it regularly cleaned by a professional technician and check on the clogged nozzles of the print heads. This helps produce good quality prints.

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