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How to hide apps on your mobile phone

Here are steps to help users keep their information in their Android and iOS phones safe by hiding applications.

Most mobile users have their smartphones consisting of a lot of their vital documents and information. While people are comfortable doing that, they want this information to be stored safely and away from prying eyes.

To help with that, here are some ways you can use to hide your mobile applications to keep your personal information safe:

For Android users

  1. Switch to Private mode

This helps restrict others from viewing selected files and content. To dot his, click on settings, scroll down till you find ‘Lock screen and security’ option. You will be directed to another box, where you will find ‘private mode” option.

Once you select this option, you will be directed to another box, where you’ll need to switch it on and then select your preferred access mode — PIN, pattern, password or fingerprint.

  1. Use third-party app hider

For this, you can select the apps which you want to hide from your app screen and ensure a strong passcode to access the third-party app. Some of these third-party apps let you to even change the name of the app along with its icon.

Ensure Android app safety before downloading any of these apps. Since you will be using it for hiding important apps, there is a possibility of such apps infecting your phone and the apps.

  1. Disable pre-installed apps

This is a very easy method but can be time-consuming depending on how many apps you want to disable. For this, all you have to do is go to Settings, scroll down till you see the Apps option, and select the application manager.

Once you do that, you will be directed to a different box on the screen. Tap on ‘All Apps’, where you will get the list of apps you have in your smartphone. Now select an app you want to hide and then select the disable button on your left. Continue doing this for the rest of the apps.

For iOS Users:

  1. Hide by search option

Most iPhone users might not be aware of this method, but by doing this your iPhone will act as if the hidden apps do not exist on your device at all. For this, go to settings and select the ‘Siri and Search’ option. You will be directed to a box that will display all the apps installed in your device. Select the app you want hidden and then just Toggle off — Learn from this App, Show in search, and Show Siri Suggestions.

  1. Hide apps in plain sight

This allows you to hide the apps most easily, but before you hide any app make sure you go to Settings first and set a ‘Screen Time Passcode’. Now you go back to the main Settings menu and scroll down to ‘Content Privacy and Restrictions’.

Next, select ‘Content Restriction’ and then you will have to enter the ‘Screen Time Passcode’. Go to apps and select the age restrictions since certain social media apps work on age restrictions. So once you select the age restriction, the apps that do not work under that specific age group would be hidden.

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