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Google launches AI-powered updates on many apps

Here’s a lowdown on the features the company introduced recently to make its applications smarter

Google recently announced multiple updates across their sectors like Google Workspace, Google Maps, Google Search, Google Hangouts, and Google Keyboard. Here’s taking a closer look at them.

Google Smart Fill powers Sheets

AI-powered Google Smart Fill debuted in June and was launched for all Google Workspace users on October 15, 2020. The feature automatically detects patterns, formulae, and can auto-complete data entry. It analyses cells in the spreadsheet and combines data in columns to reach quicker results. Multiple options of suggestions, auto-completing sentences, and deriving formulas are present. Google’s Knowledge Graph comes with billions of facts which can be extracted and applied in Sheets.

Google Maps “Busyness” Update

Google updated its Busyness feature that will now predict the approximate number of people at a location. Through this feature, users can know how the crowd is in real time in public places. Along with this, Google is offering Live AR Views.

Users no longer will need to type in or tap for specific business names, Google will automatically show users how crowded a place is. People can choose the Live tags to point at places to see their hygiene and crowd. The feature will soon be available for Maps across Android and iOS.

Google Search with new AR updates

Updated in its “Search On 2020” event, the new 3D AR feature has been extended to cars. During the pandemic, since users don’t want to go to showrooms, the feature will provide a full AR view of cars. As of now, this feature is being tested on card from companies like Volvo and Porsche, and it will soon be extended to different brands. The same car can be viewed in different colours, with a clearer view of its interiors as well.

Customise your stickers

Google updated the Gboard Emoji Kicthen on October 16, 2020. Now, users can combine two emojis to create a customisedsticker. Emoji Kitchen, launched earlier this year, used to offer the option to choose one sticker after typing preferences. With thousands of combinations to try, the new feature offers detailed stickers. The updated Emoji Kitchen is now available for Gboard beta users.

Google Hangouts to shut down

Google followed up on its 2019 announcement and officially announced the shutdown of Hangouts on October 15, 2020. Google stated that by 2021 users can easily start using Google Chat. The company will offer features to make the transition process simpler for users. These features will automatically transition chats, contacts, and archives to Google Chat. In addition, Google Fi support will be terminated in Hangouts, with the SMS feature re-directing to the messages app.


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