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Is it wise to get your smartphone insured?

As more and more smartphones with low-quality hardware are making their way to the market, insurance may be the way to go, say experts

New weaker smartphones are making their way into the market at the same pace as dependency on smartphones is growing. The answer to the problem: Mobile insurance. Many agencies and companies now offer coverage against theft or accidental damage.

Mobile insurance usually covers

  • Replacement of device (if stolen or lost)
  • Mechanical and electronic failures, if the manufacturer’s warranty period has ended
  • Accidental damages including water damage and cracked screen

While buying such a cover, you’ll have two options to choose from – either take a smartphone insurance policy from your vendor or from a company unrelated to your cell network. But, the insurance will only cover partial cost of repair or replacement of the device.

“All the e-commerce sites like Flipkart and Amazon offer this. If you buy a phone from these sites, there is an option to buy insurance,” said Dibyajyoti Kabi, a tech reviewer.

Is smartphone insurance worth it?

Many people wonder if they should purchase mobile insurance, especially if their smartphone isn’t that costly.

When The Electronics asked Kabi, pat came the reply, “Yes. Every electronic item that you purchase should be insured. You don’t know how much it will cost to repair a cheap product, so it is better to get insured for all the electronic items. Insurances are cheap. Nowadays you can buy them with the product.”

Same as extended warranty?

Most smartphones these days come with a one-year warranty, which can be extended. Extended warranties tend to cover hardware malfunctions and manufacturing defects but they don’t cover damage from misuse or accidents. Insurance might cost you a bit extra each month but it’ll certainly help you pay to fix your cracked screens and other repairs.

Mobile Insurance Extended Warranty
Burglary and theft covered Burglary and theft not covered
Could be purchased from the mobile vendor or through an insurance company Provided by the manufacturer of the mobile
Liquid and accidental damage covered Liquid and accidental damage not covered
Acts as an additional cover availed by the customers from different insurance companies Included in the purchase price of the smartphone
Damage from unforeseen incidents covered Hardware malfunctions and manufacturing defects not covered



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