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Increased screen time spikes eye strain cases due to work from home

Flexing working hours and rising workload takes a toll on people’s eyes, ophthalmologists tell The Electronics

The pandemic has made most of the working population work from home. The resultant flexible working hours and rising workload increased screen time and affected people’s eyes considerably, say ophthalmologists. The Electronics spoke to a few and found that the number of patients complaining of strained eyes have increased in the pandemic.

“The most prominent problems we are witnessing in patients is the increased eye strain due to increased screen time,” said Dr Rakesh Ranjan, MS (Ophthalmology), Ghaziabad. “The presenting symptoms could be eye watering, redness, headache or eye-ache and irritation.”

Ranjan has treated almost double the number of patients he used to before the pandemic. He said the patients mostly have recurrent headache and deteriorating eyesight problems post lockdown.

“This is affecting students and remote workers the most. Looking at your screen for a long time can dry your eyes, which can induce the strain and headache. Washing your eyes and frequent blinking can reduce the stress or dryness caused by the screen light,” he added.

Since many firms have asked their employees to continue working from home, these problems are not going away anytime soon. Here are some tips to help keep your eyes healthy:

“Some of the factors you need to keep in mind while working from home is to maintain a good posture and place your computer screen at eye level. This will prevent severe problems like cervical spondylosis, muscle pain or headache,” said Dr Shreya Thatte, MS (Ophthalmologist) from Indore. “There should also be a proper lighting in your work area to avoid any further eye-strain.”

Both the doctors suggested taking frequent breaks from looking at your screen and resting your eyes for about 10-15 minutes in each interval. Limiting screen time post work hours also helps, the doctors recommended.

Anushka Shrivastava
Media student | Writer | Avid Reader


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