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How to Extend Your WiFi Range

Here is a guide to help you boost the range of your home and work WiFi network

Living in the era of online classes and work from home, many are often troubled by low internet speed or less WiFi coverage. If you have clicked on this article, chances are you are facing the same problem.

Several factors affect the WiFi network and blaming the service provider may not prove to be the best solution. A lot of these problems lie in the placement of the router and obstructions of WiFi signals. Here are several inexpensive ways you can extend your WiFi range:

Fix Router’s Position

Keeping the device at a more centralised location enables the signal to cover most of the area. However, you must be careful of any obstructions in the way. So keep it as high as possible to ensure it is in the line of sight of other devices that need to be connected.

Also, apps like NetSpot, inSSIDer and WiFi Analyser can help you locate the areas where your wireless network’s signal would be the strongest. All you need to do is upload your floor plan, and it will use a heat map to decide how to optimise your WiFi router. You can also view your neighbouring WiFi channels to figure out which ones would be best for you.

Switch Your Network Channel

Did you know your neighbour’s wireless networks can interfere with yours? This can happen when you live in a densely populated area. When the wireless network overlaps with each other, it can cause interference. The perks of the above-listed applications are that it enables you to see your neighbouring wireless network’s channel as well. These will help you select the best channel to set your router on and hence, improve your performance.

Other electronic devices can also disrupt your WiFi signal. The high frequency from your microwave, cordless phone or other wireless equipment can also cause interference. Try to keep most of these appliances away from your router.

Screenshot Netspot
Screenshot from NetSpot

Upgrade Your Antenna

Your router does come with a built-in antenna, but sometimes the signal still cannot connect to the dead spot in your home. It is better to get an upgraded antenna to enable more coverage. While upgrading, ensure you either look for antennas compatible with your router or buy an upgraded version of the device.

You can also add an external antenna provided that your router has an external antenna jack. This would result in a much stronger WiFi connection with higher performance.

Use a Booster

Range extender devices or boosters are relatively cost effective. These sit between your router and the area where you need an increased reach of your WiFi. Such devices rebroadcast the signals from your router to the required location. The right placement of the extenders is crucial for optimum coverage.

TP-Link, D Link and Netgear have a wide range of extender devices for reliable and high-speed internet at your home.

Establish a Mesh Network

A mesh network might not be the most inexpensive method to boost your WiFi range, but it is highly effective. It is an infrastructure that connects several nodes together. Basically, in a mesh network, multiple devices around your home or workplace cover all the areas where you need WiFi connectivity. Brands like Netgear, Linksys and Google offer mesh WiFi systems in broad ranges, depending on the affordability factor and area coverage.

These devices can only boost your network range, not the internet speed. If the problem of connectivity persists despite installing these devices, contact your service provider.

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