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Apple Glasses: All we know so far

Apple may partner with Sony for its augmented reality glasses and launch the product in 2022, reveals a recent leak

After rumours on Apple shifting focus from iPhones to AR & VR headsets, now a leak has revealed some specifications of the company’s wearable AR glasses. It has also hinted at a 2022 launch of the product.

Displays expert Ross Young tweeted that Apple might be partnering with Sony for a half-inch microOLED display, which would provide very high-resolution images and remarkable motion performance.

Young later clarified the displays will be used only in the rumoured AR devices.

Sony microOLED displays are a cutting-edge display with an ultrafast response time rate of 0.01ms or less, high image contrast and colour reproduction, and maximum brightness of about 1000 nits. These microdisplays have integrated drivers suitable for a thin and light design.

Another information leaked in the last few days revealed that users may be able to compare two products side-by-side through the Apple Glasses. Apple has patented Product Comparison Technology, which, the company claims, provides product information in an instant as you hold them together in front of the glasses. This will reduce the hassle of going through the product details over the internet while looking for something. You can compare features, ingredients, nutrition information, allergy information, directions for use, drug interaction information, environmental rating, and user rating, and much more depending on the product.

Earlier, reports have alleged that the new Apple Glasses will be running on ‘rOS’ which stands for reality operating system. The glasses are speculated to be thin and lightweight, with a range of applications like virtual texting, mapping and meeting rooms being prototyped. Apple is also testing head gesture inputs, voice activation and touch panels for the same.

Two other patent filings are Apple named ‘Keyboard Operation With Head-mounted Device’ and ‘Monitoring a user of a head-wearable electronic device’. These point towards ‘virtual keyboards’ and monitoring of one’s head movements to send data to the connected iPhone along with sensors to detect facial movements. The patents also suggest an established tracker which can monitor one’s eye movements.

Moreover, it is rumoured that the headset will come with an eyesight rectifying technology to correct one’s vision without the need of prescription glasses.



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