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Air conditioners vs air purifiers: Which is better for your lungs?

Although both have filters, this comparison is to help you figure out which one is meant to keep you healthy

The air quality outside makes headlines but the air pollution levels within our homes are not paid much heed.

Elements that contribute to this pollution can be pet dander, emission from cooking, mosquito repellent coils, etc.

To reduce the pollutants, people generally use filters or purifiers, but what they forget that besides regulating temperatures, air conditioners also remove contaminants from the air with its filters. But which is better for your lungs: an air conditioner or air purifier? Here’s a list of differences to determine that.

  • An air conditioner’s sole purpose is to cool the indoor air and so it is considered as a comfort device. It draws the hot air out of the room and pumps in cool air inside a room. Whereas, an air purifier is meant to purify the air and is used for health reasons.
  • Air conditioners can make the indoor air conducive for breathing and the filters in it help keep the dust and other contaminants away. On the other hand, air purifiers only benefit those suffering from asthma and dust allergy by removing a majority of airborne contaminants.
  • After a certain point, air conditioners release the dirt particles retained by its filters and this can worsen indoor air quality. Whereas, air purifiers do not release these dirt particles and they get accumulated inside the device. Depending on the type of air purifier, one has to manually clean the retained dirt particles from the filters.
  • Cold air can become one of the triggering factors for asthma patients. One can start to feel shortness of breath and coughing due to prolonged exposure to AC and this can cause lung infections as the bacteria, germs and viruses use the air to enter into your body. The air purifiers use high-efficiency HEPA filters, activated carbon, UV light and other filters to filter even the tiniest of contaminants from the air. This reduces the chances of getting any kind of lung infections.

This comparison suggests air purifiers help more in keeping your heart, blood pressure and lungs healthy.

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