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5 unique gadgets to gift this Diwali

Want to make this Diwali extra special for your loved ones? Here’s a list of out-of-the-box and affordable gifts that’ll cheer them up

Now that Diwali is on the horizon, it is time to start thinking about what you’re going to gift your loved ones. And considering how the economy is nosediving, here’s a list of Diwali gifts that should be well within your budget.

  1. Google Play gift cards (Price: ₹500 – ₹1500)

Diwali gadget gifts
Picture credit: Snapdeal.com

A unique and affordable Diwali gift would be to give someone Google Play Store credit via Google Play Gift Cards. For every Android user, this gift is similar to a full course meal.

These gift cards will allow them to buy everything, their favorite eBooks to movies to in-game options. These cards are available in stores and can also be purchased online for denominations of ₹500, ₹750, ₹1,000, and ₹1,500.

  1. Udemy online courses (Price: Starts from ₹455)

Diwali gadget gifts
Picture credit: Udemy

Technology evolves with every passing day and so there is always something new to learn. This unconventional route will give your loved ones a chance to be up to date. Udemy has a vast collection of courses that you can gift to your loved ones this Diwali at throwaway prices. As long as you know your giftee’s interests, you can choose a course that’ll help them grow this Diwali.

  1. AmazonBasics universal gadget organizer (Price: ₹599)

Diwali gadget gift
Photo Credit: Amazon

For tech enthusiasts, a handy gadget organiser can be quite helpful this festive season. This versatile organiser is designed to hold the items firmly in place and also prove to be the perfect companion for your laptop bag or travel case.

The product, which comes with a scratch-free interior, can hold all your small electronics (GPS units, mobile phones, digital cameras, Flip camcorders and much more), plus cables, extra batteries and other accessories.

  1. Mi Smart Bedside Lamp 2 (Price: ₹2,499)

Diwali gadget gifts
Picture credit: Xiaomi

This smart lamp can be connected to your smartphone and offers more than 16 million colors. It works perfectly with Google Assistant, Apple Homekit and Alexa.

The colour, its brightness and temperature can all be customized using voice commands or the Mi app. So, this Diwali, your giftee won’t have to move a finger to enjoy its features.

  1. Milton Smart Tiffin (Price: ₹2,798)

Picture credit: Amazon.in

Now that people have restarted going to offices and are afraid of using microwaves when heating their meals, a smart tiffin can do the trick.

Milton’s Smart Tiffin is an app-enabled tiffin that allows people to heat their food through their smartphone. It can also sense the user’s geographical location and start warming food before their arrival.

The device can be connected to WiFi and the heating can be scheduled. There’s a thermostat in the tiffin to prevent it from overheating the food.

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