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Sony PS5 Teardown reveals next-gen console’s balanced built, great design

Sony gives fans a glimpse of what’s inside the PS5 by launching a seven-minute teardown video

The Sony PS5 console was the butt of all jokes when its design was revealed in June 2020. From a Wi-Fi router to a skyscraper, the consensus was that Sony’s PlayStation 5 looked like anything but a gaming console. Sony, however, is clearly proud of PS5’s design and has now given the fans a glimpse into what the insides of the PS5’s large body constitutes.

Recently, Sony released a seven-minute teardown video of their upcoming PS5. Yasuhiro Ootori, Sony’s head of mechanical design for PS5, said the rear of PS5 is designed for exhausting air out of the console.

Sony PS5 Teardown: Design

Sony has used a base on the PS5 held in with a screw for vertical orientation and it’s clipped on the sides for using horizontally. The console’s white panels can be removed by lifting and sliding them off. This will reveal the primary cooling fan at the top, which is capable of drawing in air from either side. Sony has used two dust catchers that can be vacuumed out easily through the two holes.

The teardown will also give users the first look at the expandable storage through the M.2 slot, which will be accessible once you’ve removed the side panels. Play Station fanatics can also purchase their own PCle 4.0 compatible drives if they want to upgrade the storage in the next-gen console.

This teardown will actually reveal how “serviceable” Sony’s PS5 is and that Sony has thought through all the design elements to make sure that servicing and repairing this console is easy.

Sony PS5 Teardown: Specifications

The gaming console is 390mm tall, 104mm wide, and 260mm deep. Ootori shows the ports at the front, which consist a USB Type-A port and a USB Type-C port with Hi-Speed USB support. Its rear has two USB Type-A ports that come with SuperSpeed USB support, an HDMI port, a LAN port, and an AC in port.

Sony has spent two years working on the liquid metal cooling and performed various tests to ensure it proves to be a stable long-term solution. The solution will act as a thermal conductor that sits between the heat sink and the SoC and it’ll significantly help with the cooling performance.

Sony PS5

The console comes with Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1 antenna installed. A shield will protect the rest of the insides including the CPU with 8 cores and 16 threads, which is an AMD Ryzen Zen 2 and capable of running up to 3.5GHz. Its AMD Radeon RDNA 2-Based graphics engine will be shown too. Also, the GPU is capable of 2.23GHz delivering 10.3 teraflops.

PS5 will have an 8 GDDR6 memory with a maximum bandwidth of 448GB/s. When it comes to storage, it will have an 825GB SSD with a custom SSD controller that ensures read speeds as quick as 5.5GB/s at raw data transfer rates, allowing the PS5 to reduce loading time for games.

The heatsink pipe in the PS5 uses a heat pipe similar to PS3 and PS4, while the new design and airflow allow it to perform like a vapor chamber. The power supply unit comes in at 350W.

PS5’s cooling fan has a 120mm diameter and 45mm thick double-sided intake. The console makers have used heatsink to help with airflow and cooling as they look to achieve the same level of performance as a vapor chamber.

Sony PS5

The early hands-on videos and first impressions have indicated that PS5 runs quiet and doesn’t heat up over limited gameplay. Sony said in a statement that it has spent five years “designing and developing the PS5 and has focused on reducing noise levels and enhancing its cooling methods”.

When will Sony PS5 launch in India?

The release of Sony PlayStation 5 is being delayed in India because of a trademark dispute. Sony was not able to trademark the console in India and someone had already registered the name with the relevant authorities. This debacle means that Sony will not be able to release the next-gen system in India until the matter is resolved.

Reddit user Angrypixel89 discovered that the person who had registered the trademark owns the Kakooze trademark too, which is an online store popular for selling counterfeit PS4 controllers and accessories. Since the case came to light, Sony has had the listings for fraudulent PS4 products removed from Amazon, but there seems to be no update on the PS5 trademark case.



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