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Indian eSports gamers wait with bated breath as PubG tries to come back

Since PubG Mobile’s ban, both eSports professionals and casual gamers have not found a good alternative in battle royale games

Gamers are thrilled to know that PubG Mobile, which was banned by the Indian government in September, is trying to make its way back to their mobile screens.

The battle royale game’s global downloads dipped by more than 26% in September, showed data from Sensor Tower. But now, PubG Corporation is in talks with Bharti Airtel for the distribution rights of the game in India, according to a report by Entrackr.

“The gaming platform is busy raising a lean team in India. It has been interviewing candidates with experience of under 4 to 6 years,” a source told Entrackr on condition of anonymity.

Ever since PubG was banned, there has been a steep rise in the downloads of other such apps like Gerena’s Free Fire and Tencent’s Call of Duty. But none of them managed to capture the Indian gaming audience like PubG did.

“If the application passes the government regulations, I would surely want it back. I loved the game and there is still a lot left for me to achieve. PubG is more optimized and has better graphics and realistic mechanisms, that other games have failed to match,” said Sabya Sachi aka MajorAlpha, who was the second runner up at India PubG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2019 and PubG India Series 2019.

For some, the game was about fame and success as they were planning to play in the major leagues. “I want to represent my country on a platform like PubG Mobile World League. I worked hard for two years, but before I could represent India on the world stage, the game got banned. PubG is PubG, there are no good alternatives,” said Suryansh Singh aka JSLxSuryaOP, an 18-year-old BSc student who has been a semi-finalist in PubG Mobile India Tournament 2020 and PMCO 2020.

Can any game replace PubG?

After the Indian government banned PubG, nCore Games announced that they were working on an alternative — FauG — and were aiming for 50 million downloads within the first three months. But, gamers are not sure if it can match the “overall excellence” of PubG.

JSLxSuryaOP believes it will take FauG years to match PubG’s gameplay and quality. “The audience needs a smooth game like PubG, which had been around for two years. It’ll take FauG a lot of time to be as smooth and high performing as PubG,” he said.

MajorAlpha, on the other hand, said, “I don’t have high expectations, but I am still excited to see how it will be. I’ll definitely try it out after it is launched.”

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