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Latest iOS Tips and Tricks that only 1% of iPhone users know about!

Even though you probably spend hours on your iPhone daily, you might not know how powerful and packed your device really is. Many people misinterpret iOS to be very limited when it comes to features but that cannot be farther from reality.

In fact, iPhones are so feature-packed that most people don’t even tap into its hidden features before switching to the newer version. With the release of the latest iOS 13 software, there isn’t a better time to share the latest iOS tips and tricks that will help you take full advantage of your smartphone. These tips are extremely fun, convenient, and will help you save some time in your work too. 

1.Assign custom iMessages for calls you’re not able to answer

Sometimes, you’re not available for the phone call so you just let it go to voicemail. But what if you wanted to explain to someone why you’re not picking up? Well, iOS will now let you respond back to the call you’ve missed with an iMessage. Depending on your iOS version, you could either swipe upward on the phone icon and choose the “Respond with Text” option, or tap the button that is labeled “message above the Slide to Answer Slider”. You will get three options by default (“Sorry, I can’t talk right now”, “Can I call you later”, “I’m on my way”), along with the button that’ll let you enter text then and there.

2. Get the volume indicator out of the way 

iOS has always had annoying volume indicators that took over the iPhone’s screen and disrupted your experience. Not anymore. In iOS 13, the volume indicator is minimal and you can keep it out of the way. There are even cool new tricks to adjust the volume. 

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3. Hidden custom fonts inside the apps 

Apple limits font selection on their OS for a while. However, with iOS 13, they’ve started offering custom fonts inside apps. This added flexibility is proof that slowly but surely Apple is loosening its grip on controlling different aspects of the user experience. You can even download, install, and manage custom iPhone fonts.

4. Memoji avatars are available on messages and stickers 

Apple’s Messenger will now come with support for Memoji profiles. (It puts a thumbnail of your memoji in the messages app.) The latest controls will let you go in-depth with customization, makeup (you can even add braces to your teeth), and other characteristics.

5. Share music with a second pair of AirPods 

Tired of sharing AirPods with your friends while traveling? Well, you don’t have to go through that anymore! Instead of handing over one of your AirPods to your friend to listen to music, you can now use Audio Sharing and tell your device to stream audio for two pairs of AirPods.

6. Track your menstrual cycle 

The updated Health app in iOS 13 will offer a way for women to easily track important data about their menstrual cycles. Log your period, flow level, and symptoms like headaches or cramps easily. This feature will also offer predictions on when your cycle might begin and end. 

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Here is how you should start the app – 

  • Open the app on your iPhone 
  • Tap the search tab located at the bottom right of the screen 
  • Select the Cycle Tracking option 
  • Tap the Options to enter information

7. Faster access to the calculator app 

If you’re in urgency to do quick maths on the fly, you won’t have to spend minutes looking for the calculator app. There is a faster way that you might not have known about. 

  • Swipe right over your home screen, lock screen, or when you’re looking at the notifications 
  • Type in the digits and calculations to be performed 
  • Your iPhone will then do the calculations for you

8. Use screen time and set app limits 

Screen time is a built-in feature that’ll help you keep track of how much time you’re spending on your iPhone and on your different apps. You can easily access this feature by going over to the Settings and Screen Time. You can see the data about how you’re spending time on your iPhone. You can decide to limit the way you’re using certain apps by selecting the “App Limit” option. In case you exceed the limit, your iPhone will display a splash screen alert. Then, you can either decide to push the time limit by 15 minutes or ignore it for a whole day.

9. Extend battery life 

There is a feature called “Low Power Mode” that most iPhone users do not know about. This feature reduces the consumption of power by turning off all the battery-draining features 

like dimming the screen quicker, turning off background app refresh, retrieving emails less frequently, and more. To enable this feature – 

  • Open the settings 
  • Tap “Battery” 
  • Enable the Low Power Mode option


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