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iOS 14 Widget Guide: Everything you need to know

A few days back, Apple began rolling out its latest iOS 14 updates to all compatible iPhones and iPads worldwide. It is a major update to Apple’s underlying software that powers its iOS devices out there and introduces many notable features to these devices. With iOS 14, Apple has come up with numerous fundamental changes to the home screen on iOS devices by introducing a 100% revamped widgets functionality.

Apple has totally overhauled their widgets by making them a lot more useful and interesting. For starters, you can pin widgets directly on the home screen similar to Android devices. The widgets can be live pinned right next to the app icons or be present on a dedicated space of their own. The iOS Widgets are more beautiful and efficient as compared to the previous versions and the overall experience of enabling and setting up the widgets on iOS 14 is more interactive and delightful.

iOS 14 Widget Guide
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In this article, you can learn everything you need to know about iOS 14 widgets.

  1. All the native Apple widgets have been redesigned

All of the native widgets available on iOS 13 have been redesigned in the latest update. These are the apps having updated widgets and all of those can be used on the home screen or in Today View. Some of these updated widgets include Batteries, Calendar, Clock, Files, Maps, Fitness, Maps, Music, Weather, News, and more.


  1. New widgets are for Home Screen and Today View

The old widgets were cool but what is even more interesting is the update to the new widgets, which are more responsive, beautifully designed, less clunky, and adjustable to the needs. Best of all, these widgets are available for use in both the Home Screen and Today View. You could even have duplicate widgets if you want where one is on Today View and the other is on the Home Screen.

  1. New widgets are accessible in edit mode

Where exactly could you check out the new widgets to add to your home screen? First, you need to long-press until things jiggle to enter the edit mode for the Today View or Home Screen. Then, long-press the widget, and select “Edit Home Screen”, or long-press the widget, and move it. Then, you should tap on the plus (+) icon in the top left.

ios 14
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  1. You can now search for widgets by app

Even though the list of widgets is a bit on the shorter side, it’ll likely increase in number once more and more third-party developers start creating compatible iOS 14 widgets for the apps. If you have a few widgets to go through, you can easily use the search bar located at the top of the widgets gallery and easily find the widget you want to add.

Currently, if you type in one letter, it’ll show you results for every app that has that letter in it. The same goes for whenever you type 2-3 letters together.

For instance, if you type “ma”, Maps and the Smart Stack widget will still appear as they have “ma” in it. This might change later.


  1. Smart stacks are the more clever iOS 14 widgets

While Apple’s overall approach to iOS 14 widgets isn’t that revolutionary, just revolutionary enough for iOS, Smart Sacks is definitely a clever idea. A Smart Stack is a stack of widgets that can be swiped through for access to other apps in the same window. As you swipe, the stack would change focus, going from Calendar, to Apple News, to the weather forecast, and more.

While it is great on its own but what makes it actually intelligent is that it dynamically changes focus throughout the day, on the basis of contextual cues. You can even edit Smart Stacks such that the apps that you choose are included in the rotation.

iOS 14 widgets                      

  1. The widgets come in up to three different sizes

Another significant update to the iOS 14 widgets is that they’re all adjustable. You can now choose between different sizes. Most of the widgets come with options for two or three different sizes. If the widget is large, it’ll display more information.

  • Small square – 2 by 2 (fills 4 app spots)
  • Landscape rectangle – 2 by 4 (fills 8 app spots)
  • Large square – 4 by 4 (fills 16 app sports)


  1. You can let iOS make a widget stack for you

If you don’t want to create a smart widget stack, you can let your iPhone do it for you. In the widget gallery, search for the Smart stack widget, which chooses different widgets for you based on the way you use your iPhone. The Smart Stack comes in two different sizes (2 by 2 and 2 by 4), and it’ll select p to 10 different widgets to scroll through. Based on the location, time, and what you do on your iPhone, a different widget will appear.


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