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Game Changer: Huawei’s laser charging technology for smartphones

As smartphones are becoming more and more advanced with every passing day, the chips and operating systems that power them are becoming more energy efficient. With these advancements, it is now possible for handsets to last the whole day without having to charge them, which seems relatively low given there were normal basic phones that would last for weeks (but they had nowhere as many features as in today’s smartphones.) The tech world seems to be heading for a powerful revolution that will drastically improve battery life and complement the growing trends of the smartphone world.

The revolution of smartphone batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are widely considered the backbone of smartphones. With the whole smartphone market being so dependent on Li-ion batteries, lithium is close to its threshold. This has got the researchers thinking, developing, and experimenting with the next battery breakthroughs.

Graphene batteries are now seen as probably the nearest solution to Li-ion since they can charge quicker, store more energy, and hold the charge for longer than the lithium counterparts. Samsung has been working on smartphones powered by the patented graphene battery technology, which will allow your phone to fully charge within 30 minutes.

To put it into perspective, Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra comes with a 5,000mAh battery and it takes 60 minutes to fully charge using its 45W charger. The fastest charging smartphone in today’s market, OPPO Find X2 (4,260mAh battery), requires just 39 minutes to charge 100% using the 65W super VOCC 2.0 charger.

Samsung isn’t the only big name in the race to find out the next breakout battery technology. Often considered to be one of the underdogs, Huawei is closing on Samsung too. Huawei is looking to introduce its patented laser charging technology for smartphones.

Will laser technology charging change the way the smartphones are charged?

It is no big secret that smartphone users shy away from putting their phones on charge frequently, but what if there was a solution that allowed you to charge a bunch of smartphones wirelessly via lasers?

The true wireless charging has often been heralded as the technology for the future, letting smartphones charge without having to place them on the wireless charging pad or plugging in the cable.

While there have been a few companies that tried using radio waves to charge the phone, Huawei seems to have taken a leap over them and become the front-runners to reach the finishing line first.


Last week, Huawei joined the party too, announcing that it has patented the ability to wirelessly charge smartphones via laser beams instead. Huawei believes that this technology will allow multiple users with supported devices to simultaneously charge via a wireless module in the room.

This technology can either be used for medium distance or long distance charging. In theory, this can mean that you’ll be able to use your smartphones without even needing a charging break. Although, battery degradation could be an issue if the devices are kept on a charging state constantly.

The laser wireless charging solution even includes a safety feature that will detect eyes in the path of the laser and shut down charging temporarily to protect humans and pets.

What else you should know about Huawei laser charging?

The working principle involves a specific sensor that’ll be required in the devices that have to be charged via this method. The receptor will act as a miniature cell and absorb the laser energy to charge the device. Think of the example of “solar-powered calculators” if you want to understand the working.

Huawei is yet to determine the speed or the number of simultaneous charging devices allowed. Moreover, the introduction of this technology will take quite a while but you can expect it to hit the smartphone market two to three generations from now.

Huawei’s laser charging technology
  PC – anandtech.com


Even though the introduction of laser technology is still some time away, it will definitely be an innovative change to the smartphone market. If you’re a patient, tech-savvy Huawei user, you’re definitely in for a wild ride.


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