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How to maintain a refrigerator and keep it functioning well for years?

Simple maintenance and cleaning of your refrigerator can significantly extend its life and efficiency. 

Just like every other electronic appliance, your refrigerator also requires special attention. Most people think that the maintenance of the refrigerator only involves a few simple tasks like adjusting the temperature, keeping the ice from forming, and cleaning the spilled food, but these things just scratch the surface. There is a lot more that goes into maintaining a refrigerator. 


For households that cook frequently at home, keeping the food refrigerated is an essential task. Proper maintenance of your fridge will help you keep it running properly for years and also help you cut down electricity costs up to a large extent. 

Here is a short guide on how you should thoroughly clean your refrigerator and maintain it – 

Cleaning the coils 

Maintaining your fridge should start with you checking the coils. If you notice the back of your fridge heating up excessively (something that is quite common), then it means the fridge is having to work extra hard to keep the food cold. 

Clean the coils by making sure there isn’t any debris blocking the back of the fridge, such as any cardboard or items that might have fallen behind the fridge. Then, you should clear the back of the fridge by using a decent bristle brush and vacuum to properly clean the area for any dust buildup. This should be routine maintenance for you. Make sure you check it at least twice per year, preferably before and after summers, because this is the time your refrigerator works the hardest. 

Clean the door seal 

The gasket or the seal around the fridge door can get damaged over time and prevent the door from properly closing. 

First, check for any debris in the way. Use a dry cloth with cleaning supplies and clean around the door for any grime buildup. If you notice the door is having trouble closing or if you notice any damage around the seal, you might have to replace the gasket. If there are small tears, petroleum jelly can be a quick fix. If there are multiple tears, it would be better to replace the seal. 

If you’re completely replacing the door seal, make sure that you check the owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website and purchase the right type of seal. Once you have done that, measure twice and cut once. Now, unscrew the current seal from around the refrigerator, and install the new one. 

Note: Remember to shut off the power to your refrigerator while changing the gasket. 

Defrost the insides of your fridge 

Have you noticed strange odors in your refrigerators? Have you noticed excess frost present inside your refrigerator? If yes, it would be best to defrost the insides of your fridge frequently to prevent the frost buildup. 

For defrosting and cleaning the fridge, you’ll have to turn off the power to your fridge, empty it, and allow the frost to melt before cleaning the interior. You can use any standard all-purpose cleaner to clean the interior of any food buildup and wipe away the moisture. It’ll help you get rid of traces of food while helping your fridge run efficiently. 

Home Remedies to keep your fridge squeaky clean 

If the above steps weren’t enough, here are a few bonus tips that will help you fridge super-clean as if you’ve just purchased it today. 



1. If you want your fridge to smell refreshing and pleasant, then a linen cloth and some lemon 

juice would be a match made in heaven. Take a linen cloth and add a few drops of lemon juice to wipe the fridge inside-out and get a refreshing lemony fragrance.

2. You’ll be amazed to see the wonders what a paste of 1 spoon of baking soda and lukewarm water can achieve. You should scrub the paste over any stains and leave it on for an hour. When you come back, you’ll notice the stains have miraculously disappeared!

3. Toothpaste is another unusual alternative to clearing out any tough stains from your fridge. You should scrub toothpaste on any stains, let it sit for an hour or so, and wipe it off.

4. 2 cups of warm water and 1 cup of vinegar will turn out to be better than any cleaning mix you could have purchased from the market. You can just spray it inside the empty fridge to loosen up the food struck, then come back a few minutes later and scrub off the food with a damp linen cloth.

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