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Chat Bubble, Dark Mode And More – Android Tips and Tricks [2020 Edition]

Android is easily one of the most popular and versatile OS for smartphones in the current market. This is evident from the fact that it accounts for around 86% of sales in the smartphone market. The primary reason behind this approach is that Android is open-source, highly customizable, and flexible. Also, there is an availability of a plethora of apps by thousands of developers and it only adds to the fun.

As an Android user, you’ll definitely want to explore the endless possibilities in Android and to get the maximum out of your device. Following this, here are some hacks and tricks that not many people know about. These hacks and tricks can be noticed in the latest Android update and they’ll not only make you smarter but they’ll also change the way you interact with your device.

1.See back the Notifications if you’ve swiped away by mistake

Have you ever cleared your notifications in a hurry without even reading them properly? Yes, everyone has. It happens often and you later come to the realization that you’ve probably missed something important. Well, not many people know about this but Android comes with the solution for such a problem.

You can simply long-press on the home screen and hold it until the screen-adjusting mode shows up. Now, you should tap on widgets and look for the “Settings” shortcut widget. It will look like the basic settings gear. Then, you should drag it to anywhere on your home screen and this will be followed by a popup list that will let you choose from essential shortcuts like app info, accessibility, battery, memory, etc. Look for the option named “notification log” and select it to look at the swiped away notifications.


2.Chat Bubble

The latest Android update will bring the chat bubble feature that will let you open chat windows in a small bubble. If you’ve ever used Facebook Messenger, you’d know how easy the bubble feature makes it for the user to chat while using the smartphone. You can easily enable this on almost every messenger app on your smartphone as long as you have the updated Android 11 version.

Chat Bubble
PC – Gadgetstouse


3.Use the LED flash/Camera for Heart Rate monitoring

As surprising as it sounds, it is indeed possible to monitor your pulse rate even without using any fitness tracker or device with a dedicated heart rate monitor. First-time users might think of it as a gimmick or joke but it actually works to a certain extent.

There are numerous apps that let you track your pulse rate. Such apps require your finger to be placed on the LED flash and the app uses the camera to track color changes under your skin for monitoring the amount of blood passing through.

4.Screen Recording

Android has always wanted to include a screen recording feature, Google even tried to put this feature in their Android 10 Beta last year. But this feature was not included in the final version. Now, Android 11 will come with this feature and make it easier for the user to screen record.


5.Turn on the dark mode and customize icon styles and fonts

The “Dark Mode” theme feature was a great addition to the Android 10 update, so you can easily change the theme. All you have to do is head over to Settings -> Display -> Dark Theme, and toggle it on.

It would be perfect to be used at night as it reduces the chances of your eyes being dazzled by the bright screen.

Dark Mode
PC – Digital Trends


Did you know that you can also change the icon styles, color schemes, and fonts in Android 10? There are different themes available and you can find the option in Settings -> Display -> Styles and wallpapers. You’ll be able to pick from four preset themes or even customize your options from the available icon styles and font options.

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