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Apple’s Time Flies Event – What to expect, timings and how to watch it

By now, everyone knows that Apple organizes a yearly event that showcases its new iPhone lineup. Maintaining the tradition, the tech giant announced an Apple event for 2020 too, named “Time Flies”, but with a few changes. Apple has confirmed that its special event for 2020 will be taking place on September 15th, 2020 at 10:00 AM PDT (10:30 PM IST). This event will take place at the Steve Jobs Theatre at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters in California. The event will be held online and will be live on apple.com. It is the first fall event to be held virtually and as per sources, the event will be of an hour at max, though it can run for up to an hour and a quarter.

This event is going to take place later than the usual September announcement for the fall lineup for Apple, likely because of the delays caused by the ongoing global pandemic. Apple also confirmed that it won’t be shipping in any new phones in September during their most recent earnings call.

Products that’ll be showcased during the event

Ever since the event name announcement, experts began saying that this event isn’t going to be for the iPhone 12 lineup launch. Instead, the company will focus on the Apple Watch. The event branding and leaks (later on) confirmed this to be true. On September 15th, it would be surprising if Apple indeed showcases its new iPhone 12 lineup. Instead, they’re more likely to showcase the next Apple Watch Series 6, iPad Air model, and AirTags.

apple watch and airtags             

AirTags are the tile-like bluetooth tracking devices that are meant to get attached to items like cameras, wallets, keys, and other valuable objects that can be easily lost. Using AirTags, you can easily track these items in the Find My app, alongside iPhones, Macs, and iPads.

Other possible discussions

There might be a few bonus announcements too. To be specific, the leaks have indicated 2-3 more announcements –

  • Apple’s A14 Bionic chip explanation

There are chances that Apple will be explaining its more efficient and powerful A14 Bionic chip in the upcoming event on September 15th. There is also news in the market saying that its CPU would be 40% than the previous A13 version, and in the case of GPU, A14 will be 50% more efficient.

  • Apple One Bundle

It isn’t just hardware that Apple has been working on. Over the summer, it was leaked that Apple is planning on launching its Apple One Bundle that will bring together its streaming TV, music, news, and gaming services under one single subscription. Another leak was spotted recently in the Apple Music app for Android, suggesting that the launch of Apple One was imminent. However, this launch could even happen with Apple iPhone 12 launch.

  • Announcing the next event

Since new iPhones aren’t going to come out in this event, Apple will definitely be arranging another one for the future. So the announcement of that event could be made on September 15th.

Apple September 15th event – Timings and How to watch it?

Time Flies will get underway at 10:00 am PDT on Tuesday, September 15th. There won’t be anyone who attends in person, like Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote in June. This will be a pre-taped presentation that Apple will be live streaming across the world.

Timings for the Apple Event on Tuesday –

USA 10:00 am PDT
UK 6:00 pm BST
India 10:30 pm IST
Singapore 1:00 am SGT
Australia 3:00 AEST
Japan 2:00 am JST
China 1:00 am CST


You can watch it from Apple’s Events Website through your web browser. Anyone who has an Apple TV can also watch it via the Apple Events app. Other alternatives include watching the event via YouTube, where Apple already has a placeholder.


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