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Amazon launches cloud gaming service Luna

The new invite-only service, which allows users to run games on remote servers, was launched at the 2020 Alexa Hardware Event

After months of anticipation, Amazon finally launched its cloud gaming service Luna at the 2020 Alexa Hardware Event. This gaming service will be similar to GeForce NOW, Google Stadia and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Cloud Gaming.

Cloud gaming allows you to run games on remote servers and stream them to your devices. This eliminates the need to have high performance hardware to run graphics-heavy games.

Luna, which is an invite-only service, is available only in the United States of America till now for $5.99/month. But it is going to expand to other markets soon. The service will let subscribers play Luna Plus channel games across two devices simultaneously and it’ll also offer 4K/60fps resolution.

How Amazon Luna works

Luna controller is Alexa-enabled and features a multiple-antenna design that prioritises uninterrupted Wi-Fi for lower latency gaming. Since Luna Controller directly connects to cloud servers, the players can easily switch between different screens such as mobile phones to Fire TV without any additional pairing or configuration changes.

Amazon has confirmed numerous games that’ll be a part of the cloud service, including popular games like Resident Evil 7, ABZU, GRID, The Surge 2, A Plague Tale: Innocence, The Impossible Lair, Yooka-Laylee, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and more. Many more games are likely to be added after the launch.

Why choose Amazon Luna

The advantage of using Luna, just like other cloud gaming services, is that you don’t need to download any games. You can just browse and launch the game without any wait. Although it’ll require users to have a super-fast internet connection to access FHD and 4K gaming experience. Amazon recommends a minimum internet download speed of over 10Mbps for 1080p streaming.

Another upside to using Luna is that it allows you to play on the devices that you already own. Amazon Luna will enable users to stream games on their smart TVs or using the Amazon Firestick, Mac, PC and iOS devices. The Android version is still in the pipelines. Luna is also compatible with the Luna controller, Sony DualShock 4, and Xbox one controller.

Amazon Luna
Picture Credit: Amazon

Amazon plans to have about 50 games on each of the Luna Plus and Ubisoft channels. The makers expect the number to grow over time since Luna runs on Nvidia GPUs and Windows servers in Amazon’s AWS compute cloud. So the developers can easily bring in their existing Windows games to the ones already running on Luna.

This might be easier for developers than to bring games to Stadia. The technology doesn’t hurt that many companies. Sony too recently started bringing its console games to PC.

Amazon also plans to integrate Luna with Twitch to allow users to watch streams and start games they were watching others play.

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