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10 Google Suite Hacks you Probably Didn’t Know About

10 Google Suite Hacks to make the most of Google Apps.

While there are a few negatives of technology, there is no denying that technology has made lives a lot easier than before. There is a whole plethora of apps that allow you to do anything and everything within a few taps – from ordering food from your favorite restaurant to booking a flight to sharing documents with your colleague.
This means people are becoming more productive, right? Apparently not.

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According to the study conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, an average American’s productivity has only grown by 1-2% every year during the technology boom.
So if technology has made things more accessible, why is human productivity growing at such a slow rate? How to be more productive?

Don’t worry, you’ll get the answers to such questions here. In this article, you’ll get 10 Google Suite Hacks that will help you stay focused, organized, and get more things done quicker.

Disable the Hangouts app

No doubt Hangouts is an important app but more often than not, people use dedicated messaging platforms for communication. So why do you even need hangouts? Just disable it as it only slows down your Gmail.
Google’s Hangouts was making the right buzz when it first came out but these days hardly anyone uses it.

Optimize Google Docs

Numerous professionals around the world use Google Docs. It is a simple yet highly useful text editor as it is an important tool for content managers, writers, copy editors, or anyone who works with text. It is also useful in making notes, to-do lists, meeting minutes, collaborating on documents, and many other tasks. The majority of the people only use its default settings but if you optimize Google Docs, you can use it like a pro.

Keep priority emails at the top

Successful entrepreneurs know how to prioritize – whether it is household stuff, daily meetings, or even emails. Not every email requires equal attention but Gmail displays the emails in chronological order. You should sort out the list by priority to make sure the important emails get your attention.

10 Google Suite Hacks
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You can use Google’s Priority inbox feature to do that. Once this feature is enabled, your emails will be segregated into different sections –
And everything else

Make Google Calendar your personal assistant

If you find yourself complaining about forgetting about meetings and tasks, you should think of hiring an assistant. Google Calendar will do all that for free!

Prefer using the Default theme

While there is no shortage of creative themes on Google, these themes do more damage than you’d think. Due to the additional graphics needed for these themes, they also result in your Gmail loading slower than usual. That is why you should prefer sticking to the default theme.

Browse the web without leaving Google Docs

Being productive on G Suite isn’t only about bringing more order to your Gmail. Google Docs is another huge favorite for G Suite users. Not many people know this but you can browse the web directly without leaving Docs.

10 Google Suite Hacks
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You can look up the internet for information while using Google Docs. This app comes with a cool “Explore” feature that you can use to search, insert, and cite information without leaving the document.

You no longer have to spend hours typing

Voice search is becoming more and more popular by the day. Now, you can use the “voice” feature in Google Docs as well. Say goodbye to those keyboard buttons and welcome the new voice feature.

Use Integrated Search to your benefit

Did you know that the search functionality in Google Calendar is quite extensive? Clicking on the search icon will let you search by keywords, location, contacts, and more without a given data range.

This is useful when you attend a lot of meetings and you have to pull up information about a specific meeting.

Share your Google Contacts

Unfortunately, Gmail doesn’t allow the sharing of contacts with each other. This is a big problem for teams that rely on Gmail to email clients, users, or prospects and cannot use one synchronized database with Gmail contacts. Shared Contacts for Gmail will solve this issue as you can easily share and update contacts with your team members. This app can be downloaded from the official G Suite Marketplace and will seamlessly integrate with your Gmail.

Use Google Search to create an event

Even though you might love to hustle, sometimes procrastination can take over. Google knows that.
This is why it has given you the option to create calendar events without even having to open up an app or any website. You’ll merely need to do a Google Search.
On your PC, you can type in ‘make an appointment’ or ‘schedule’ and Google will show you the option to create a calendar event.

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