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Is Smart TV A Marketing Gimmick? Why You Shouldn’t Buy One

Smart TVs are just marketing gimmick? Why you shouldn't buy them. All you need to know.

While these Smart TVs have a lot of benefits, do you think that smart TVs are just a marketing Gimmick? And normal TV can get work done without being smart. Let’s look at some reasons which go for and against this argument which says smart TVs are a marketing gimmick. 

What Is a Smart TV?

Smart TVs are regular TVs that come with built-in capabilities of connecting with the internet and stream online content, download apps, and a lot more things to explore. Smart TV does not require any connecting device like Roku or gaming console to access online services. 

Smart TVs are connected with the internet, so they have the upper hand of downloading apps just like your smartphone. The majority of smart TV platforms arrive with pre-loaded streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, etc. You can also surf the internet directly on your TV and also connect your smart appliances with your smart TV to access them via voice command.

Smart TVs come with added benefits, and now they are affordable too, which means you need not have to shell out extra money for these features. Considering the pricing and the latest features, we can safely say that Smart TVs are not a marketing gimmick, but they have some flaws let us have a look. 

Smart TV Security And Privacy Issue 

When you are buying a smart product capable of getting connected with the internet – security is always a concern. Every device which is contributing to the internet is eligible for this argument. 

Smart TVs put your security and privacy at risk in different ways, and recently the FBI has also warned about the privacy associated with Smart TVs. Mostly, all the smart TVs come equipped with ACR, which stands for automatic content recognition feature, responsible for tracking what viewers are watching. ACR uses this data to show you relevant ads, but you can restrict this data collection as per your requirement. However, the question is, do you want to share everything with the manufacturer what you’re watching? 

Another security flaw of smart TVs is the lack of regular updates; each platform has to be dependent on the developer for app and OS update. If you are using a smart TV with outdated firmware and apps, then the risk of getting exposed to attackers is high. 

Some smart TVs also arrive with integrated cameras and microphones to make our lives easier. However, if you‘re on an outdated firmware, then you are more vulnerable. Malicious attackers can take access to your smart TV and spy on you through the built-in webcam and microphones. 

How Smart TVs Lack User-Friendly Interface

Smart functionalities with smart interfaces allow you to get access to many devices and allows you to perform different tasks in no time – Internet of Things (IoT) devices are meant for that. For using smart devices, you need two major input methods, one typing, and second pointing. If we take examples of computers and smartphones, they have both the support, but Smart TVs are terrible at both, leading a user to frustration. 

In layman terms, when you want to sit and watch something on a smart TV you need to do a lot of work to find the show or movie. Suppose you want to watch Breaking bad on Netflix and it’s not on your home page, and then you have to head to the search bar and type the show name manually. With a regular TV remote, typing anything is like a hair-pulling affair, as you have to move the cursor on individual letters and select them. Some smart TVs also come with an integrated microphone on the remote that might help you find the shows or movies, but it’s also not accurate. Moreover, you don’t want to fire up some awkward TV Show or YouTube video in front of your family because of miss pronunciation. 


While talking about the argument, which states that smart TVs are just a marketing Gimmick? It is fairly clear that smart TVs are not a marketing gimmick, and they come with an array of features that help you get access to online content and a lot more things. 

Meanwhile, we are not trying to dissuade you from buying a Smart TV by talking about the flaws. The mentioning is just to inform you that you have to keep all these factors in your mind while buying a smart TV for yourself. 

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