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The Pentagon’s New Task Force Will Investigate UFOs and Alien Activity

The US Pentagon, which is the headquarters building of the United States Department of Defense, is establishing a new task force to examine Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) sightings and activities. The task force will be officially revealed in the next few days.

The task force – Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force (UAPTF) – will be set up under the US Navy and will investigate the UFOs identified by the US Military. David Norquist, Deputy Defense Secretary, will supervise the task force. Previously, the US Navy was in charge of examining the activities of these unidentified objects considering that the US Navy aircraft were involved in these encounters.

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There has been longstanding fear among the Pentagon officials and the US Congressmen regarding the occurrence of unidentified aircraft hovering over the US military bases, which pose a threat to the military aircraft. The task force will have to report its conclusions to the public within six months after the passage of the Intelligence Authorization Act

In April 2020, the Pentagon released three short clips of unidentified flying objects. In the videos taken by the naval aviators, unidentified objects can be seen spiraling through the sky. The confused and fear filled voices of the pilots can also be heard. The videos reignited the age-old conversation of the presence of extraterrestrial or alien life. However, many are of the opinion that the origin of this unusual activity stems from the country’s earthly adversaries. The emergence of airborne surveillance techniques in China and Russia has alarmed the US military officials.

Harry Reid, former United States Senator, stated:

I’m glad the Pentagon is finally releasing this footage, but it only scratches the surface of research and materials available. The US needs to take a serious, scientific look at this and any potential national security implications. The American people deserve to be informed.

Sen. Marco Rubio, chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee, stated:

Frankly, if it’s something from outside this planet, that might actually be better than the fact that we’ve seen some sort of technological leap on behalf of the Chinese or the Russians or some other adversary.

The task force under The Pentagon will primarily identify, examine, and classify Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), which pose a threat to US security. Any invasions of unrecognized aircraft into the training ranges are considered as a threat and are examined thoroughly. Invasions that are initially not identifiable by the aircraft – also reported as UAP – will be analyzed thoroughly.

In 2017, The Pentagon disclosed a secretive program that was set up to investigate unidentified flying objects. The establishment of this program could be attributed to the fact that the spending of the $22 Million under the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program remained a secret. According to the Defense Department Officials and the program participants, for years, the program investigated activities of various unidentified flying objects. 

The US Senate intelligence committee had also spoken to the New York Times in July 2017 about the need to regulate a pentagon UFO program, which inadvertently confirmed the existence of an informal committee.

The Pentagon has studied initiatives that were started under the instructions of the former Senator Harry Reid that involved encounters with unidentified flying objects. The program, which was initiated in 2007, ended in 2012. However, there were speculations that the program remained in existence even after 2012. 

In our opinion, it is unlikely that the sightings can be attributed to the extraterrestrial activities, considering the fact that the unidentified objects were specifically targeting the US military bases.

It is important to note that the United States of America had recently established The United States Space Force, a branch of the United States Armed Forces, to deter space aggression from other nations. Although not expressly mentioned in the mandate of the United States Space Force, its establishment has often been attributed to the exploration of extraterrestrial life. 

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