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OnePlus Nord Users Facing Display Tinting Effect: All You Need To Know

OnePlus Nord users facing green tinting effect on the display. Here are the details.

OnePlus has recently launched its latest mid-range segment smartphone – the OnePlus Nord in India and across the world. Now some early adopters of the OnePlus newly launched phones are complaining that they are witnessing a tinting effect on the screen. According to the users, they are facing this issue at low brightness. Meanwhile, some users complained in the OnePlus forum that they are facing a green tint on the display when the brightness of the OnePlus Nord is dropping to 25 percent.

It seems that limited availability of the smartphone has saved OnePlus and this issue isn’t likely to be widespread. So, the company has time to acknowledge the problem and fix the tinting issue face by the early users. According to a user, this issue can be fixed by a software update because this was also seen on OnePlus 8 Pro.

“OnePlus Nord is a great device but there is a major green tint issue at low brightness…

As you can see on the picture green tint is really present on the right of the screen compared to the OP 8 Pro

DC dimming is not enabled on OP 8 Pro and you should know that this setting is not available on Nord

Hope this will be fixed soon! I had a similar issue on OP 8 Pro at the beginning but not as much…

I’m a little worried…” affected user posted on OnePlus Forum.

OnePlus Nord Display Tinting Effect

According to another OnePlus Nord used, his smartphone display is showing green, purple, and yellow tint when the brightness of the phone is reduced to 25 percent. Is seems that the lower part of the AMOLED panel is more affected by this issue.

“If you can, please open something grey on the bottom of your display (like the keyboard) and cycle through the different brightness levels. You should see a very purple tint come in at the bottom at around 25 percent brightness,” affected users posted on Reddit.

OnePlus Nord is all set to go on sale from August 4 in the Indian smartphone market let’s see what fix the company is going to come up to solve the problem.

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