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Nokia-IISc Partnership To Promote Research in 5G And Automation

Nokia partners with IISc to extend research support in the fields of AI, robotics, and advanced communication technologies, among others.

Nokia, a Finnish telecom company, is joining hands with the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru to set up a laboratory for networked robotics. This research will be focused on applications of the 5G network and other emerging technologies in the appropriate social domains.

The laboratory dubbed as Nokia’s Centre of Excellence (CoE) will support diverse research in all disciplines, including robotics, Artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced communication technologies. As reported by Nokia, the study will be used to evaluate the use-cases of the aforementioned technologies in fields such as emergency services, agriculture and industrial automation.

Prof. Govindan Rangarajan, Director of IISc Bangalore, stated:

The ultimate relevance of technology is to find solutions to improve the quality of our lives. Collaboration with a global technology leader, Nokia, will go a long way in helping our students to gain knowledge and insights and make significant contributions to the development of innovative and societally relevant 5G use cases. This is a critical initiative and it will help us move closer to finding technology-powered solutions to enrich our lives.

Nokia CoE will pave the way for the IISc group and its partner communities to hop onto innovative research projects which will manifest the wide use cases of emerging technologies. Essentially, Nokia will extend its expertise on next-generation network technologies. IISc will also get the benefit of the technical knowledge available from Nokia Bell Labs which can be leveraged in robot orchestration, robot network controller and human-robot interaction to facilitate exploration and deployment of end-to-end use case solutions.

Use-Cases That Will Be Examined by Nokia CoE:

  • Migration to drones to provide remote control over agricultural fields, to foster water conservation and reduce human contact with pesticides.
  • Another important application is to be able to detect crop fires at an early stage to ensure minimal damage to the crops.
  • How drones can leverage the 5G network to ensure efficient disaster relief by gathering information quickly.

Sanjay Malik, Senior Vice President and Head of Indian Market, Nokia stated:

Emerging technologies such as the 5G have the potential to enable an entirely new array of use cases with a profound societal impact. With Nokia’s rich innovation heritage, we aim to engage with the bright and young minds at IISc to nurture and advance the latest technologies that can benefit communities. We are confident that it will lead to the development of groundbreaking use cases.

Collaboration and research will also contribute to elevating the research standards in automation and science. Nokia CoE will support close synergy in the IISc ecosystem to share ideas and promote the mutual development of end-to-end tech solutions. Educational conferences and hackathons will be held for academia and budding startups.

Importance of Diving into 5G Research

Extensive 5G research has opened up a multitude of opportunities for the world. The 5G network is believed to have the means to link a plethora of devices and sensors while introducing the benefits of IoT to the world. With proper research, 5G is also believed to have the capability to disrupt global businesses by enabling future-world technologies such as automated cars, augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics, holograms, and telesurgery.

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Muskan is an undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor's in Technology. With a zealous spirit for writing, she finds herself open to the vast realm of learning. She is an avid programmer with a keen interest in technology and science.


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