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The Ultimate Guide To Buying A Washing Machine

Buying a washing machine might seem straightforward, but there are a lot of elements you need to consider. Check out our ultimate guide, it will make it easier to choose the machine that fits your needs.

You can’t escape from the regular chore of washing dirty laundry. But cleaning them with your hands is now out of fashion. A reliable washing machine can easily handle the task of washing the laundry in a fast and efficient way and thus eases your load. Buying the best washing machine is one of the hardest decisions. It is a huge investment and there are too many options to choose from. Whether you want a front load or top load, semi-automatic or automatic; is the machine energy efficient? Questions are aplenty.

So to make this head-scratching decision easier, follow our Ultimate Buying Guide and select the best washing machine for your home.

The 5 most important factors to keep in mind while selecting a Washing Machine are:

  1. Capacity
  2. Washing Machine Function Types (Semi-automatic/ Fully-Automatic)
  3. Washing Machine Loading Type (Top Load / Front Load)
  4. Wash Programs
  5. Additional Features

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The washing machine comes in various sizes. 

  • Small (5-6 kg)
  • Medium (7-9 kg)
  • Large (10-12 kg)

Getting the right size of washer depends mainly on two principles; first, what your family size is, and second, the frequency with which you do the laundry.


Washing Machine Function Types

Washing machines our disposal are either Fully-Automatic or Semi-Automatic. 

Semi-Automatic Washing Machine comes with two tubs wherein the user has to move the clothes from rinse tub to spin tub. These machines also allow users to save water as they don’t need a continuous water supply. These machines are cheaper as compared to fully automatic machines.

Fully-Automatic Washing Machine comes with a single tub and does not require any manual interventions. It comes with multiple features that a user can choose from as per the requirement. 

Semi automatic and fully automatic ; top load and front load

Washing Machine Loading Type

Now concerning the loading type, you can categorize the fully automatic washing machines into either front load or top load.

top load washing machineTop Load type of washing machine loads clothes from the top because the tub sits in the machine, perpendicularly. The wash programs with this type are fewer as compared to front-load machines. This type of washing machine is easy to use but requires an abundant water supply. Impeller or agitator systems, are used in this type of machine, which is similar to semi-automatic washing machines. 

Front load washing machineFront Load washing machines offer better wash quality and have the longest wash cycles. The machines don’t need much water supply, they work in such a manner that clothes require little water to soak.

The front-load washing machine features a horizontal tub that makes use of a tumbling action system to clean clothes. Here you will get numerous features to choose from.


Wash Programs

Nowadays, the washing machines come with preset programs which can be selected using the touchpad or touchscreen. You can customize and save favourite settings using rotary controls. 

Spin cycle

The program is used to dry off your clothes. The cycle is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm). For delicate clothes, the cycle should be 300-500 rpm, for heavy clothes it should be around 1000 rpm.  Usually, washing machine settings adjust water temperature and spin speeds to suit your fabric type. Additionally, top-load washing machines come with variable spin speeds for efficient drying.

Fuzzy logic

This program automatically selects the most suitable washing conditions for you. It does so, on the basis of the weight of the laundry, the number, and type of clothes. It determines the adequate water supply, detergent usage, and time is required to clean the load. So no human intervention is needed for this washing program.

Temperature control

This feature will help regulate the temperature of the water. It is very convenient during winters. This built-in water heater technology is more prominent in front-load washing machines than top-load. Some premium machines also come with a steam setting. Steam penetration into clothes is better than water, hence it provides with better cleaning of the clothes

Time delay & Pre-soak

The feature enables you to load the machine with the laundry and let it soak for sometime before beginning the wash process. The Pre-soak ability absorb the water for a specified duration and is beneficial when you want to avoid noise at particular times.

Quick Wash

The program enables you to quickly wash a small chunk of clothes. This is perfect when you have a last-minute call and do not have any washed clothes to put on.

Additional Features

Automatic dispensers: Machines dispense the detergent, bleach, or fabric softener automatically at an appropriate point during the wash cycle.

Extra rinse cycle: This cycle lets you rinse the laundry for another round. It is beneficial for people who have sensitive skin and are allergic to detergent residue. 

Air dry: When the drum rotates, this feature allows it to absorb in air and blast it out on the clothes. It helps the clothes to dry off faster and more effectively.

Pause Washing Machine: Most washing machines locks the lid when the washing cycle starts, but this function allows you to stop the washer, open the door and throw in any left-behind clothes. The feature is available in some premium washing machines these days.

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