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Beginners Guide: The 5 Best Live Streaming Cameras in 2020

Best streaming webcam of 2020. All you need to know.

Live streaming plays a vital role for every creator out there who prefers going live on online video platforms to showcase their art, creativity, and gaming skills. Twitch, Mixer, Facebook, and YouTube Live are the primary platforms on which creators prefer to conduct their live streaming. Covid-19 has restricted everyone to sit back in their home, and this is the best time to showcase your skills to a wide range of audiences.

If you’re also planning to start your live streaming article, then the first thing you will be needed is the best streaming camera, which will allow you to showcase your skills along with you on the screen interacting with your followers.

Live stream gaming has become huge in India, and most of the significant gamers use high-end streaming set up so that their live streaming will not get compromised on the quality. In this article, I have listed the best top 5 streaming cameras you can use for better live streaming.

What To Look For In A Live Streaming Camera?

It would usually help if you had an expensive camera, lighting, PC, and audio setups for a better quality live streaming. But when it comes to the streaming camera, you don’t have to invest too much for a high-quality camera. Creativity is the key to success, and it should be the priority of all the creators. 

You can start your live streaming with basic webcams which support 720p HD resolution. If you have a reasonable budget to start, you can go with the more superior ones that come with microphones and 4K Ultra HD video support. 

Top 5 Best Live Streaming Camera:

logitech c922 pro

Logitech C922 Pro: First on the list is the Logitech C922 Pro, also known as an all-rounder streaming camera. It comes with a built-in dual microphone, which is powerful enough to replace your external microphone. The Logitech C922 Pro features 1080p recording, 720p live streaming with frame rate of 30fps at 1080p and n60fps at 720p. This all-rounder live streaming camera comes with 78 degrees of field of view, which is sufficient enough for live streaming. 

It comes with a price tag of Rs. 9,366, which is quite expensive, but the output and quality of streaming are satisfactory. It’s easy to fit on a monitor or tripod, which makes it handy for users. 

Razer Kiyo

Razer Kiyo: Second on the list is a full HD video recording streaming camera, which sports a ring flash around the camera frame and works as an external light for the streamer. Light plays an essential part during live streaming because you don’t want to look dull during the entire live stream the LED ring light, will help you with the lighting. 

 Razer Kiyo comes within resolutions of 1080p or 720p, so you can stream in both the resolution at 30fps and 60fps, respectively, with 90 degrees of field of view. It falls under the premium segment webcam, so it will cost you Rs. 9,885.

Logitech Brio Ultra HD Pro:  The next one on the list is the ultra HD resolution streaming camera, which comes with dedicated noise cancellation to enhance your live streaming quality. It can record videos and live streaming at 4K Ultra HD, 1080p, and 720p with a frame rate of 30fps at 4K, 60fps at 1080p, and 90fps at 720p. The Logitech Brio delivers 90 degrees of field of view and costs you Rs. 24,995. 

It’s one of the most expensive streaming cameras currently available in the market. It comes also offers 5x digital Zoom, which crops a 4K video to 1080p.


SKYY Webcam 1080p HD

SKYY Webcam: This one on the list is the cheapest from the lot, but it offers full HD resolution video recording and streaming. The SKYY webcam also comes with an integrated microphone that helps users talk directly to the camera. It provides Full HD 1080P, 30 frames per second with 110 degrees of viewing angle. 

The built-in microphone also offers noise cancellation, and it comes with a price tag of Rs. 1,700 only, which is affordable for most of the users.


Zebronics Zeb-Crystal Pro-05

Zebronics Zeb-Crystal Pro 2020: Last on the list is a camera from Zebronics that comes with Rs. 1,878price tag. The HD Webcam comes with a built-in microphone and NightVision feature. It’s a Full HD streaming camera offering video recording and live streaming at 1080pixels at 60fps frame rate. As far as compatibilities concerned, the newly launched webcam offers Universal clip fits, which allow users to fix it on their laptop, monitor, and tripod as well. 

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