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First Generation Entrepreneurs Making A Difference

When a problem arises, people tend to talk about it, but they never consider finding a solution for it. Every business started off as an idea in the hands of an innovator willing to take a risk. These first generation entrepreneurs have planted the seeds for a successful business:

Kent RO

Mahesh Gupta

In 1998, IIT engineer Dr. Mahesh Gupta began his quest for a RO water purification system when both his kids got seriously ill and were diagnosed with jaundice. Dr Mahesh Gupta, started Kent RO systems from a garage in his Noida house. Dr. Mukesh Gupta turned tides in the face of adversity and made the best of all opportunities that came his way to start Kent RO systems. Today, Kent RO is the largest manufacturer of RO systems in India and has an array of ozone-based food and air purifiers as well. Kent RO reported a FY20 revenue of ₹950 crores. Read our exclusive interview with Dr. Mahesh Gupta, CMD, Kent RO systems.


Dunzo Founder

Dunzo is a concierge service app that operates in the hyperlocal delivery space. Founded in 2014 by Kabeer Biswas, an alumnus of the University of Mumbai. Kabeer was earlier involved in starting Hoppr, another Hyperlocal concierge service using only SMS. Dunzo started out as a small WhatsApp group, and transformed into a hyperlocal, app-based service. COVID-19 pandemic was especially a major boom for the Bangalore based start-up. Dunzo saw a 33% growth in it’s weekly orders alone and the average ticket price was doubled too. Dunzo reported a growth of 4.25x as the company grew from ₹16.83 crore in FY19 to ₹71.56 crore in FY20.


MicromaxMicromax is one Indian company that leveraged the Dot.com boom happening in the country during 1999. The Company started off with four founders: Rajesh Agarwal, Vikas Jain, Rahul Sharma and Sumeet Kumar in 2000. Micromax became a major mobile manufacturers with the rise of smartphones in India. Joining the Android Bandwagon alongside other Indian names like Spice and Videocon. Micromax’s popularity rose with the launch of the Blip and Canvas series which took the Indian smartphone market by storm. In 2014, Micromax was the leading mobile manufacturer of India, dethroning Samsung. Micromax faced a minor setback in 2016 with the onset of Reliance Jio and 4G technologies. Micromaax could’t keep up with the rapidly growing telecom sector and lost a considerable share of it’s userbase. Recently, Micromax has geared up with new range of “Made-in-India” smartphones and it is once again ready to take the world by a storm. Read exclusive interview with Rajesh Aggarwal, MD and Co-Founder, Micromax.


pTron Founder

With a meteoric rise in smartphone users over the past couple of years, a lot of OEM brands started selling Mobile Accessories. One such brand pTron is making waves for all the good reasons. Started by serial entrepreneur Ameen Khwaja in 2015, pTron aimed at providing the customer superior quality mobile accessories at reasonable a reasonable price. pTron showed steady growth through it’s inception and the company kept growing steadily over the years. Earlier, the company was assembling components from China but now, pTron has it’s own manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. pTron reported a QoQ growth of 50% and a revenue of ₹50 Cr in the quarter ending March, 2020. Read excerpts from an exclusive interview with Ameen Khwaja, CEO pTron India.


Detel FounderWith 25 years of industry experience in distribution of mobiles,Yogesh Bhatia started Detel as a means to eliminate the gap between desirability and affordability. Detel made headlines in 2017, when they launched Detel D1, claiming to be India’s most economical mobile phone. At a time when a majority of startups are focused on high end technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and Mobile Edge Computing, Gurugram based Detel is competing in the fast growing, yet hugely competitive devices market. Read how Detel is making luxury affordable here:


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