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Whirlpool Launched Washing Machine That Sanitizes Clothes Up-to 99.9%

Whirlpool, the prominent washing machine manufacturer claims that the recently launched range of machine could make the germ-free up to 99.9%.

In such perilous times, one can never be too cautious about one’s hygiene. The novel Coronavirus has completely changed our lifestyle. Now we take extra measures to make sure that we are as germ-free as possible. Regularly sanitizing our hands, daily essentials, and even our devices have become part of our daily chores. This kind of cautiousness has also extended towards our laundry. Soaking clothes in hot water, spraying disinfectants and other similar precautions have now become vital. 

Whirlpool, the prominent home appliance manufacturer, has recognized the need for the hour and launched a range of washing machines where sanitization takes centre stage. 

The company has outfitted its range of top load washers with advanced in-built heaters. The company claims that these built-in heaters can sanitize clothes and remove up to 99.9%* germs and allergens. This has been approved through a test conducted in the NABL laboratory for the sanitization performance as per the NSF 172 protocol.

The washing machine is equipped with an anti-bacterial wash cycle wherein the water heats at 60 degrees Celcius removing harmful bacteria and sanitizing the clothes.

It uses a 6-stage cleaning process to guarantee an absolute cleaning performance. Each stage begins with a cold soak and ends with a hot wash to perform an effective wash. 

Stage 1 and 2 – Cold soak & Cold wash – The detergent mixture immerses and penetrates the clothes, and the agipeller tosses the clothes, eliminating surface particles.

Stage 3 and 4 – Warm soak & Warm wash – The water warms up to act on coffee, crayon, fruit juice, and ketchup stains, and the agipeller tosses the clothes around, pounding off tough stains like shoe polish, butter, and ink.

Stage 5 and 6 – Hot soak & Hot wash –The water gets heated up to activate the dirt enzyme action to eliminate the tea and mustard sauce stains. The clothes get washed in hot water to remove bacteria and all traces of tough stains.

The above process is said to combine Mechanical, Chemical, and Thermal Action to remove different stains. 


  • It can remove up to 50# types of tough stains like ketchup, oil, grass, etc.
  • It can remove stains that are up to 48-hours old. These stains are the ones that have usually dried up and are notoriously stubborn to remove.

It provides three different range of temperature options, warm, hot, and allergen-free, for different types of fabrics. For example, warm water is best suited for delicate synthetic materials, while cotton and linen can handle hot water without much issue. Machines feature three hot water modes that can be customized based on fabrics to ensure optimal care and protection.

washing machine temperatures

The company has designed the machine for easy maintenance, assuring the customers regarding the device’s longevity. It also makes sure that the customers can be concern free of any mildew growth. The machine structure has been built using durable materials that ensure the washing machine’s longevity.

The new range of washing machines is available online on the Whirlpool website in the capacities of 6.5 kg and above. The price range of the washing machines starts at Rs 18,000.

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