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Sony WF-1000 XM3 Vs Samsung Galaxy Buds

The two technological giants released the truly wireless earphones, lets see which ones come out on top.

The Sony WF-1000XM3 and the Samsung Galaxy Buds are two prominent truly wireless earbuds that perform likewise. But let us see how they vary when drilled down to the base. 
Noise Cancellation:

Both the earbuds come with Active Noise Cancellation, but Sony’s ANC is surprisingly good. The voices and higher frequencies are reduced significantly. The included transparency mode is also practical, especially for walking purposes. 


The response consistency, Mid Accuracy, Imaging is better for Samsung as compare to Sony. But for Bass Accuracy, Samsung has performed exceptionally well. 


Samsung offers better battery life, although Sony comes with various modes that absorb the battery accordingly.

Sony Samsung
6 Hours (BT+ANC) 5 Hours (Talk)
8 Hours (BT) 6 Hours (Music)
4 Hours (Talk)
4.5 Hours (Talk)
9 Hours (Standby)
15 Hours (Standby)



Sony provides a better control system. It comes with a haptic sensor to toggle between the options. Volume control and music controls are on the right and call functions on left.


Sony rates significantly higher when talking about Bluetooth connectivity. It offers a wireless range of about 30′ / 9.1 m with 2.4 GHz frequency. It is also equipped with NFC which lacks in Samsung buds. 

IPX rating:

Sony buds do not provide water resistance, whereas Samsung buds come with an IPX2 rating. They can handle a few splashes, a little sweat, and even the occasional spill, according to Samsung.

Build quality: 

Both the devices are excellently made, but Sony manages to provide a bit more premium feel with its wildflower (WF) case. The lid is smoother and easier to manage with one hand. Both options have a magnetic action in the case, that secures the buds for charging, but the Sony’s feels stronger and more satisfying.


Samsung’s Galaxy Buds offer better portability as it is lighter and smaller in size. It comes with multiple ear tip sizes to go in your ear and silicone wingtips that rest on the outer edge of your ear. 

Here is the rating given by RTINGS which might help you understand better:

Features Sony  Samsung
Noise Cancellation 7.8 7.7
Bass Accuracy: 8.3 9.0
Battery 7.0 6.8
Controls 6.3 5.4
Connectivity 3.2 2.8
Build quality 8.0 7.5
Comfort 7.0 7.5


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