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Oppo 125W Flash Charge Fast Charging Tech Unveiled, 65W AirVOOC wireless flash charge. What’s New?


OPPO announced the official release of the 125W flash charge, the 65W AirVOOC wireless flash charge, the ultra-small portable 50W mini SuperVOOC charger as well as the 110W mini flash charger.

It can top-up the 4,000mAH battery from 0% to 100% in just 20 minutes. This new technology supports 65W PD and 125W PPS standards. In addition, fast charging technology has undergone a comprehensive hardware architecture upgrade. It has strengthened the safety protection features in the system by adding 10 additional temperature sensors that monitor the charging status. These maintain the body temperature of devices under 40-degree Celsius during the charging process. Oppo claims batteries will retain 80% health even after 800 charging cycles. To prevent security risks during charging it has also added 128-bit encryption technology. 

In addition to the flagship update, Oppo launched 65W AirVOOC fast wireless charging technology, the successor to 40W AirVOOC. It is expected to charge a 4000mAh battery in 30 minutes. The wireless charger is equipped with a cooling fan that ensures the temperature of the back of the phone is kept 2-degrees lower. It also uses a glass panel that is likely to dissipate heat faster. Oppo claims this solution is faster than some of the presently available wired fast charging methods including its own 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 charging that can top-up the same in 30 minutes. 

The company has also announced two new compact chargers, 50W mini SuperVOOC, and 110W mini flash chargers (1.2cm in thickness) to offer high-efficiency power conversion to smartphone users. The new offering 50W mini SuperVOOC is claimed to be the smallest and thinnest (82.2x39x10.5mm) in its segment, designed to fit in any jeans or jacket pockets. 

Although, Oppo has not said anything about the smartphone that will feature the 125W Flash Charge technology but is expected to arrive on a flagship device. Currently, other OEM’s go as high as 65W although the companies have also been working on similar improvements. Vivo, Oppo’s sister brand will soon launch a smartphone equipped with the fast charging technology feature too. 


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