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OnePlus Nord Durability Test: Fails To Survive In Extreme Conditions

OnePlus Nord fails durability test in high pressure. All you need to know.

OnePlus has recently launched its mid-range segment smartphone globally, and the device seems to be well versed in terms of design, specifications, and pricing. However, that doesn’t give it a certificate of durability. JerryRigEverthing is known for its brutal durability tests with smartphones. He goes the extra mile to test the durability of the phone so that users will get an idea of whether a smartphone is capable enough of surviving in the worst conditions or not.

We are talking about JerryRigEverthing because the Youtuber has tested OnePlus Nord and it seems that the phone has passed the scratch test, but struggled during fire and bend test. According to the video posted on the YouTube channel, OnePlus Nord failed to resist pressure. It got internal cracks when extra force was applied on the phone during the bending test.

Zack Nelson pulled the soul out of OnePlus Nord, and after all the durability tests the phone seems to be useless with a broken chassis and non-working display. OnePlus Nord is the latest smartphone from the company, and after the durability test, it’s entirely cleared that the company has made necessary compromises to achieve the price point and compete with others.

Zack Nelson is the Youtuber who is known for his cruelty with smartphones. He tests the durability of smartphones at different levels. The one he set for himself is scratching, fire, and bend test, he follows the same format with the newly launched OnePlus Nord. He started the video with the scratch test, where he goes up to levels 6 and 7 on the Moh scale, and the results were impressive.

Thanks to Gorilla Glass 5 protection on the front, the smartphone resists the scratch test. During the scratch test, Nelson also noticed that the company had incorporated a plastic buffer layer between the frame and display, which provides additional protection to the phone. So if you purchase the OnePlus Nord, then you don’t have to worry about occasional falls. But it doesn’t mean you can throw it anywhere.

The durability test also revealed that the OnePlus Nord only pretends to feature a metal frame, but it comes with a plastic chassis that has a silver anodized coating. However, the power button and switch are made of metal, and the rear panel is also made of glass. Nelson also noticed that the company had paid extra attention to make the SIM tray more durable with added protection.

Moving to the fire test, the smartphone starts to turn the pixel colours to white after 20 seconds of continuous flame. The damage was so prominent that the display never recovered after the heat test. According to Nelson, scratches don’t affect the biometric fingerprint scanner, which seems to be impressive.

However, The OnePlus Nord was unable to survive the bend test, and it was quite noticeable in the video how the smartphone starts cracking when Nelson gives the bending pressure from the front panel. Frame near the volume rocker keys seems to witness a crack, and we can see the display malfunction. The exterior glass of the phone seems to be tough, but the display underneath the glass doesn’t seem to tolerate pressure.

Do note that, Nelson confirmed that the pressure which he applied on the OnePlus Nord is very high and usually smartphones don’t go through such pressure during regular use. Nelson advises users to keep the phone in a safe place when they are entering any extreme situation.

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