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PepsiCo To Leverage Microsoft AI and Azure To Enhance Supply Chain

American multinational food and beverage corporation, PepsiCo Inc. joined hands with Microsoft Corporation in a five-year partnership identifying the latter as the primary cloud provider to facilitate the enhancement of PepsiCo’s infrastructure and data estate.

Essentially, PepsiCo. will be able to reap the benefits of the AI technology provided by Microsoft to enhance the supply chain and improve the retail market landscape. This coupled with Microsoft Azure will be used to switch PepsiCo’s data estate and SAP infrastructure which will give PepsiCo the opportunity to leverage greater dexterity in drawing new and improved insights from its date estate to support innovations, customer engagements and long-term goals. PepsiCo CIO, Seth Cohen., stated:

As a global leader in convenient food and beverages, our commitment to the timely delivery of PepsiCo products has never been more important. [..]  Through our partnership with Microsoft, we aim to improve service delivery capabilities to meet rising demand for essential goods while driving new innovations to make our operations and workforce stronger and more resilient for the future.

It is anticipated, that the Microsoft-PepsiCo partnership will fuel the latter’s operational strategies and business ambitions by incorporating agile cloud technology. Additionally, all of the 270,000 employees of PepsiCo across the world will get access to Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365. Microsoft, on the other hand, will have the opportunity to broaden its relationship with a leading multinational consumer-packaged-goods supplier.

Artificial Intelligence (AI): The future of retail?

Th retail industry is growing at an impeccable pace. This also means that the market competition is growing stiff and several retailers are leveraging technology to withstand the same. With sales moving online, several retailers are adopting AI technology to survive in the market. Right from providing rich metadata for products to curating personalized content to enhance consumer engagement, AI seems to have found its application across a broad spectrum.

Microsoft is using AI to tackle the fluctuating nature of consumer demands. AI is also being deployed to evaluate the best investment opportunities for the retail sector. AI coupled with advanced analytics can transform the way companies derive insights from their data estates. In particular, Microsoft AI has also proven to constantly cater to the need to adapt to enhanced customer experience by providing personalized storefronts, adaptive home pages, and biometric systems to achieve interactions.


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