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Havells launches smart fan that can sense temperature and humidity

In a very innovative move, Havells has launched a new smart ceiling fan that includes features such as multi-user mode, humidity detector and offers several control options including a remote, the company’s smartphone app, and voice controls. Called The Carnesia-I, it is IoT-enabled and can be connected to web-enabled smart devices.

 The fan’s key feature is a smart mode that senses the room’s temperature and humidity, and will then adjust its speed based on the data gathered.


Apart from the smart mode, ‘Sleep mode’ and ‘Breeze Mode’ are available to use during the night and for a slight breezy effect, respectively.


The fan comes with five levels of speed control, a custom timer setting, and a scheduled automatic On and Off feature. It is equipped to be voice-enabled with the help of existing popular home assistants, Alexa and Google Home. 


Apart from home assistants, the fan can be controlled using the company’s designated smartphone app. 


“Innovation, technological advancement, and offering unique features to consumers has been at the core of our product philosophy and Carnesia-I is a great example of that. It is an intelligent fan that can sense temperature and humidity in the room and offer the right speed for enhanced comfort to our consumers. 


Based on our philosophy of ‘Making a difference’, we will continue to delight our consumers with feature-rich and unique products in the future as well,” said Ravindra Singh Negi, President, Electrical Consumer Durables at Havells India Limited, commenting on the launch. 



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