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Detel is a quickly becoming a brand to watch out

It’s affordable, it’s local and it is growing exponentially. Their secret? Championing the way innovation ties with affordability. Detel, Gurugram’s own start-up is making waves in the electronic goods market.


 Its success story lies in the fact that it understands its target market and has managed to strike the right nerve in its audiences. 


Yogesh Bhatia, Managing Director at Detel knows exactly what his people want – and the brand truly delivers to them. 


Success mantra


“Considering that India is a price-sensitive market and value for money was key to reach this goal, we launched our first product, a feature phone in the year 2017, priced at Rs 299, and Detel was crowned with the title of ‘world’s most economical feature phone brand’,” Bhatia told Financial Express in an interview last year.


From that point forward, this techno-friendly startup has upgraded its product portfolio. “In the last two years, we connected 3.5 million people through our range of economical products. Starting with the feature phone segment, we have expanded to different categories such as TV, connected essentials, etc. Till now, we have launched 100-plus products in the Indian market,” he said, adding, “Last year we launched the world’s most economical LCD TV with the idea of ‘HarGhar TV’. 


In a country like India, where affordability is one of the greatest factors that affect a consumer’s demand, innovation is absolutely necessary. But keeping it still pretty decently priced for the non-elites is just as crucial.


 “We have been working around the idea of providing innovative products at a value for money price so that we can cater to the masses which are mostly unattended,” Bhatia said, “Likewise, each of our products is developed focusing on one simple question – What value will it bring in the lives of consumers? We follow this approach from the first day itself”


Arming Dabbawalas with phones


An interesting aspect of their brand, DSE aims to create entrepreneurs by tying up with small local businesses. 


Their popular collaboration with Mumbai’s renowned Dabbawalas, for example, shows off their genius. 


“With this association, our aim is to enable entrepreneurship. We managed to rope in more than 100 dabbawalas for this initiative and want to take this model to all parts of the country by partnering with different communities in India,” he said. 

Under this tie-up, Mumbai’s famed Dabbawallas would not only be delivering lunch boxes but also Detel’s feature phones and accessories, priced between ₹399 and ₹1,099.


Dabbawalas had to invest ₹5,000 upfront to be a part of this program and would receive the products. 


Estimated Rs 500 crore turnover


 “We plan to double our turnover in 2019-20, and in the next five years touch a turnover of Rs 500 crore. With our target customers majorly present in tier 2,3 and 4 markets, we also plan to expand our offline presence by setting up 1000 Detel Shoppes. Apart from this, we have also been tying up with retailers such as Walmart, Reliance, Max Spar, Spencer, Barista, Relay CSR, etc., to make Detel products available across the country,” said Bhatia. 


Detel has also forayed into the wireless headphones section with its Curve proBass and Harmony models, evaluated at Rs 1,599 and Rs 1,699 individually.


 “By 2020, we are making a major foray into the mobility space and have an exciting roadmap for the same, along with expanding our existing product range,” he had projected.


Detel’s latest range of products from include an Infrared Thermometer, which can measure body temperature to an accuracy of +/- 0.2 Degree Celsius. It is compact and relatively inexpensive as compared to its counterparts and more accurate as well. 



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