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BSNL 1500GB Fiber Broadband Plan Expanded To Additional Cities In India

BSNL expands its 1500GB fiber plan in different cities in India. All you need to know.

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) has recently launched a new fiber broadband plan of 1500GB FTTH (fibre-to-the-home). The broadband plan was only available for Chennai and Telangana circle under a promotion offer back in January. Now the company has announced to expand the plan in the Telangana circle once again. BSNL dropped this offer after the completion of 90 days promotional cycle. The state-owned telecom company has also expanded the broadband plan to circles like Kolkata, Tamil Nadu, and Puducherry.

BSNL 1500GB Fiber Broadband Plan 

The BSNL online listing suggests that the1500GB FTTH broadband plan is known as the Fibro Combo ULD 1999 CS55. This plan will be valid only until October 19 in the Telangana circle. The broadband plan comes with 1500GB of data at up to 200Mbps speeds. Besides, it also includes unlimited local and national voice calling benefits. The BSNL Fibro Combo offer arrives with a price tag of Rs. 1,999 for a month. Once the user exhausts the 1500GB data limit before the validity, then the plan speed drops down to 2Mbps. Meanwhile, the plan is also available for a semi-annual, annual, biennial, and triennial subscription basis.

If you’re planning to go with the semi-annual package then you have to pay a sum of Rs. 11,994 for the BSNL Fibro Combo plan. The annual pack for the same will cost you Rs. 23,988, whereas the biennial and triennial packs will arrive with a price tag of Rs 47,976 and Rs 71,964 respectively.

Besides, BSNL is also offering complimentary service of one, three, and four months to a subscriber who is opting for annual, biennial and triennial packs.

As mentioned above the fiber broadband plan from BSNL was initially introduced in Chennai and Telangana circles which were only for a promotional period of 90 days. The company has reintroduced the same plan for the Telangana circle.

Thoughts About BSNL 1500GB Fiber Broadband Plan 

The demand for internet connection and speed has increased during the pandemic. Everyone is working from home and to be connected with the office coworkers for work coordination all of us need a strong internet connection. It is more essential for employees who work on different serves to keep the workflow constant for others.

It seems BSNL has taken a wise step in bringing back the 1500GB Fiber broadband plan for the users which offers a huge data pack at an affordable price with high speed. The company has expanded this plan to other circles in India which are going to help a lot of employees working from home.

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