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Asus Announces To Discontinue ROG Phone 2 In India: Say Good-Bye

Asus confirmed to discontinue the ROG Phone 2 in India Soon. All you need to know.

Asus has launched its third-generation gaming smartphone globally and this time India has also received the smartphone along with other international markets. Gaming community and reviewers have praised the Asus ROG Phone 3 a lot for its powerful performance and gaming. However, it seems that India needs to say ‘Good Bye’ to the previous generation – the ROG Phone 2, as the company’s India head has confirmed that it’s planning to discontinue the ROG Phone 2.

The company launched the ROG Phone 2 back in 2018 in India, however, the smartphone was available for grabs in India for a shorter time. Most of the time the gaming smartphone was out of stock on e-commerce site Flipkart. But last month the phone was made available for sale in the country with an updated price which includes GST as well.

Currently, the Asus ROG Phone 2 is listed as unavailable on Flipkart and the ROG Phone 3 is all set to arrive on August 6. Dinesh Sharma, Mobile Business Head, Asus India told HT Tech that soon the second-generation ROG phone will be removed from the e-commerce platform.

The company executive does confirm that Asus is discontinuing the ROG Phone 2 but he has not given any specific date or time. So we can safely assume that the phone will be the part of the upcoming Flipkart sale which is going to be held during August 5-6.

India is a country where price does matter to consumers, people buy old model smartphone once the successor arrives in the market, which may affect the sale of the latest model. It seems Asus want users to opt for the latest model instead of purchase the older one. Meanwhile, the company has also disclosed that Asus is planning to bring the ROG Phone 3 Strix Edition which is equipped by Qualcomm Snapdragon 865.


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