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Startup Designing Smart Wearable to Detect COVID-19 Symptoms Secures Funding

A startup deploying technology to fight the COVID-19 pandemic has secured ₹22 crores in fundings. The IIT-Madras incubated startup, Muse Wearables is working on wristbands to detect the symptoms of COVID-19 in the earlier stages.

The smart wearable monitors skin temperature, pulse rate, and saturation of blood oxygen. This in turn will ensure early detection of the symptoms should a person be diagnosed.

The product will be powered via Bluetooth and can be linked to the smartphone through the Muse Health App. User details and activity data will be stored on the smartphone and a remote server.

The Muse Health App will also collect information from the Aarogya Setu app to warn the users about COVID-19 hotspots and containment zones. There will be an administrative control for monitoring people with symptoms residing in the containment zones.

Additionally, the users may raise an SOS alert should their condition deteriorate or if the oxygen saturation level drops too low.

The product will be available in 70 nations and is estimated to be valued at ₹3500.

KLN Sai Prasanth, an IIT Madras alumni stated:

We are targeting two lakh product sales this year with plans to achieve 10 lakh product sales by 2022 across the world. The investors believe in our innovations and believe that we can create a huge difference in the consumer tech space and we have been able to generate funding of Rs 22 crore.

Scope of the product

As reported earlier, smart wearables have shown great scope in detecting the early signs of COVID-19. Stanford researchers are studying fitness devices to leverage them in detecting COVID-19 symptoms. In the research, it was found out that the devices detected the infection relatively early, that is, in an average of three days.

While extensive research is still being carried out with respect to this, many startups are already paving their way into launching functional products with maximized accuracy and improved functionalities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has amplified the need to leverage technology for effective surveillance of patients. Given the current scenario, the existing virus testing and the introduction of vaccines are still slow-paced. This makes it very important to identify rigorous ways to detect the virus and monitor public health. Perhaps smart wearables will be used to serve the purpose.

Bluetooth to detect COVID-19

As we have seen, technology can be highly useful for contact tracing. Several researchers are assessing the potential of Bluetooth, GPS and cellular networks to achieve efficient contact tracing.

Researcher Enrique Hernández Orallo stated:

Bluetooth is the most suitable technology because it allows tracers to detect contacts within a range of 2-3 meters. Those contacts are considered by epidemiological models as a contact capable of passing the infection. Therefore, it helps to reduce the number of false contacts, and also allows them to be more efficient when establishing which people must self-quarantine.

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